Contributors to the AGPI Archives Game Catalog

The AGPI Archives Game Catalog represents substantial contributions by many individuals and organizations over many years. Some contributors prefer to be anonymous. Others contributors have requested acknowledgments through various means, including web links to their web sites or auctions or email.

The hosts of the Game Catalog are honored to work with renowned and authoritative experts in the many fields of expertise that games entail.

As always, all are invited to contribute!

The following sources are included in the AGPI Archives Game Catalog, with permission of the identified providers:

  • Game Catalog: A Comprehensive Listing of Games Produced in the U.S. from the 1800s–1950 with Known Variations, Later Editions, and Game Details, Ninth Edition, April 2016
    by Bill Alexander, Anne Williams, Rick Tucker, Sy Epstein, and Charlie Gross
    Edited by Sy Epstein and Charlie Gross
    Lists 9000 games from 1850 publishers
  • The Game Catalog Through 1950, 8th edition, October 1998
    by Bill Alexander, Anne Williams, and Rick Tucker
    Edited by Rick Tucker
    Known American games through 1950
    Lists 8300 games from 1800 publishers
  • Bill’s Big Book of Games, 1950 to 1990, 1st edition, October 2009
    by Bill Trent
    American games from 1950 through 1990.
    Lists 6800 games from 1500 publishers.
  • Parker Brothers Monster List, 1930-1973
    by Ryan Brown
    In-depth information on over 1000 games from the dominant game publisher of the 20th century
  • Tucker’s Tiddlywinks
    by Rick Tucker
    Over 3000 games relating to tiddledy winks, tiddlywinks, and so on
  • Cycling Board Games
    by Anki Toner
    Hundreds of games about cycling
  • Ed-U-Card games
    by Don Milne
    Over 200 games from the Ed-U-Card Company

Substantial contributions have been provided by: