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AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-29850~ 1963tiddlywinks
G-23876© 19324 In-A-Ro1 copyright
G-212© 1940Add-Toorules-1
G-34641~ 1920America's Cup Yacht Racelink-1
G-36415 Anagramsred, yellow, and red vertical sections on cover; "350 LARGE LETTERS" in circle at center bottomanagrams
G-214 Anagramsblue, white, and red horizontal sections on cover; "350 LARGE LETTERS" at topanagrams
G-215© 1926Animal and Bird Lotto408lotto2 copyrights
G-216≤1943Army Checkerscheckerslink-1
G-217 19??Authorscard game, authorsrules-1 · image-1
G-218patented 1922Auto Race Gamerules-1 · 1 patent
G-24398 1925Auto Race Jr.
G-24399 1926Baseballskill & action
G-219 1946Baseball
G-34639patented 15 November 1922Baseball, Indoor Gameskill & actionlink-1
G-221© 1931Battle of Ballots3801 copyright
G-220 1940Battle, The Exciting Game
G-222© 1931Bean-Em376toss game1 copyright
G-24839 1950sBig Chief: The Indian Sign Language and Trading Card Gameboard gamelink-1
G-223≤1929Bingoshooting gamelink-1
G-224© 1928Blinky Blinx Tiddledy Winks411tiddlywinks2 copyrights
G-225© 1943Bomber Raid552link-1
G-226© 1931Bow-O-Wink Tiddledy Winks501tiddlywinks1 copyright
G-36886≤1932Box Checker - Backgammon424catalog number 424; slightly larger boardcombination of games
G-36887≤1932Box Checker - Backgammon507catalog number 507; game board is slightly largercombination of games
G-227 1936Buck Rogers in the 25th Centurycard gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-228© 1931Bunker Golf4211 copyright
G-229© 1931Busto504tiddlywinks1 copyright
G-230 The Capital Cities Air Derby307has "AN-ALL-FAIR-GAME" on coverboard gamelink-1 · 2 copyrights
G-213© 1928The Capital Cities Air Derby307no "AN-ALL-FAIR-GAME" on cover; box is 20" x 12"; board is 36" x 12" board gamelink-1
G-36880 1930The Capital Cities Air Derby307no "AN-ALL-FAIR-GAME" on cover; box is 16" x 12"; board is 23" x 15"board game
G-23874© 1928Captain Hop Across Junior410race board gamelink-1 · link-2 · link-3 · 2 copyrights
G-231 1927Captain Hop-Across
G-232 1950Captain Kangaroo/ Mr. Green Jeans
G-30940© 1943Cargo for Victory553 (on rules)board game1 copyright
G-34627 Carnivalboard gamelink-1
G-235~ 1940Challenger Cup Raceboard gamelink-1
G-234 1950sCheckers449checkers
G-236 1931Cheno378catalog number 378board game, backgammon
G-36881 1932Cheno430catalog number 430board game, backgammon
G-237 Children of American History Puzzle
G-34630 Chinese Checkers708chinese checkerslink-1
G-238 Circus Game
G-239© 1932Cities428card gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-24400≥1945Citiescard game
G-240≤1932Combination Board
G-36413≤1930All-Fair Combination Tennis & Baseball358
G-23577 Cowboy Checkers
G-24840 1969Wipe-Off Crayon Bingobingo
G-24355 1935Cross Country Air Race606
G-241≤1928Dickory-Dock Peg Puzzle409puzzle
G-242© 1932Dim Those Lights427skill & action1 copyright
G-36418 Donkey Party Game with 24 Tails507pin the tail game
G-24841 1953Emmet Kelly's Circus Game
G-243 1945Finesse Picture Puzzle
G-34624 Fire Sirenlink-1
G-244© 1931Flap Jacks4201 copyright
G-36888≤1932Flat Checker Board510catalog number 510; slightly larger boardcheckers
G-36889≤1932Flat Checker Board601catalog number 601; slightly smaller boardcheckers
G-245© 1946Footballboard gamerules-1 · link-1
G-246© 1946Fortune Telling
G-247 Fortunesrules-1
G-248 1937Frank Buck's Bring 'Em Back Alive Game
G-34647~ 1955Gainsboroughplaying cardslink-1
G-250 1940sGeneral Headquarters
G-249~ 1940sGHQ, The Exciting Battle Gameboard gamelink-1
G-251© 1931Glydor423race board gamelink-1 · 1 copyright
G-252~ 1935Goin' to Town with Safety524board gamelink-1
G-34628 Grand Prix Auto Race Gameboard gamelink-1
G-29684~ 1930sGypsy Queen Fortune Telling Cards
G-253© 1943Hi! Neighbor, The Trade Game of Pan-American Bingorules-1
G-254© 1930Hi-Ho Rolo419skill & action game1 copyright
G-255© 1928Hi-way Henry Cross Country "Tin Lizzy" Race309board game2 copyrights · Oscar Hitt (designer)
G-256© 1927Horses700race board game
G-34645© 1948The Game of India561elephants at left and right; emperor holding curved shaft on throne at centerparcheesilink-1
G-29695 1939International Game of Spyimage-1
G-257 1943Game of International Spy
G-258© 1929Jaunty Butler Tiddley Winks416 (on cover and rules)catalog number 416; box 12 1/2" squaretiddlywinks
G-36885 1932Jaunty Butler Tiddley Winks503catalog number 503; box 11 1/2" squaretiddlywinks
G-259© 1931Jav-Lin379skill & action1 copyright
G-260© 1928Jolly Cop Ring Toss415ring toss1 copyright
G-34623~ 1935Jolly Time All+Fair Puzzles410A-1link-1
G-261≤1928Junior Auto Race407race board game
G-262 Ko-Ko the Clown
G-263 Liberty Flag Gamerules-1
G-264© 1938Lingo, The Crossword Gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-34218~ 1950Little League Baseball
G-36419 Lotto"LOTTO" in white on blue parallelogram on the diagonal of the coverlotto
G-265 1932LottoLetters of "LOTTO" spelled with stacks of yellow bingo number discslotto
G-266© 1926Match'em the Memory Card Game404card gamerules-1 · link-1 · 2 copyrights
G-267~ 1940Monkey Shines
G-268 1930Noah Ark Fishing Game
G-36884 1932Noah's Ark367ring toss and fishing game with magnetized pole; light-colored "NOAH's ARK" on cover; "Ring Toss and Marble Game" on coverring toss, fishing
G-36883© 1928Noah's Ark Ring Toss and Marble Game367ring toss and marble shooting game; dark-colored "NOAH's ARK" on cover; "Ring Toss and Marble Game" on coverring toss, marbles
G-23875 1931Noah's Ark Ring Toss and Marble Game367ring toss and fishing game with magnetized pole; dark-colored "NOAH's ARK" on coverring toss, fishing2 copyrights
G-269 Numbers - Win Money $race board game
G-270© 1932Old Maid429card gamerules-1 · link-1 · 1 copyright
G-271 Oriental Checkerboard
G-272© 1930Our Gang Tipple-Topple Game359Hal Roach (licensor)
G-36420 Pachesi1103 (on rules)parcheesi
G-273~ 1940sParatroopers
G-274 1938Patch Word654word game, card gamerules-1
G-275 Peg-O-Heart
G-34644 Pin the Tail on the Donkeypin the taillink-1
G-276© 1932Pipers 35091 copyright
G-24842 1950sPirate Plunder
G-36877≤1928Pirates Gold! A Treasure Hunt for Buried Loot353board game
G-277© 1926Pirates Gold; A Search for Captain Kidd's Treasure2 copyrights
G-23877© 1931Play Boy Lotto506"LOTTO" in yellow (on cover); "PLAY BOY LOTTO" in yellow (on aprons); three boys (marked "ALL-FAIR PLAY BOY") on coverlotto1 copyright
G-278© 1931Play Boy Tiddledy Winks505 (on cover and rules)catalog no. is 505tiddlywinks1 copyright
G-30434© 1931Play Boy Tiddledy Winks551 (on rules)catalog no. is 551tiddlywinks
G-279 1935Play Letters
G-34646 Playboy Checkersboard gamelink-1
G-280≤1929Pon-E-Run and Checkerslink-1
G-281© 1927Poor Jenny403rules-1
G-282© 1928Pop and Plop Shooting Game306Catalog number 306 in 1928, 1930, and 1932 All-Fair catalogsshooting game2 copyrights
G-36882 1931Pop and Plop Shooting Game355Catalog number 355 in 1931 All-Fair catalogshooting game
G-284 1950sPot 'O Gold
G-283© 1937Potluckdice game1 copyright
G-25944 1960Pro Locker Baseball
G-25945 1960Pro Locker Football
G-285 Prowl Carboard gamelink-1
G-286© 1932Race to the Moon382skill & action game1 copyright
G-287© 1926Radio Game for Little Folks405board game1 copyright
G-34631 Roping the Steerboard gamelink-1
G-288© 1946Roundup558
G-289≤1928Rum-A-Zoorules-1 · link-1
G-290© 1931Simba Shooting Gameshooting game, ring toss1 copyright
G-291~ 1930sSkippy
G-292© 1931Sky-Hawks1 copyright
G-25946 1964Space Mouse
G-34642 Spaceship, The New Interplanetary Gameboard gamelink-1
G-293patented 1922Spe Dem Auto Race Game355board gamelink-1 · 1 patent
G-294© 1928Spedem Junior Auto Race Game
G-34626 Spot-A-Plate - A Travel Gameboard gamelink-1
G-34632 International Game of SpyDifferent title; man with mustache and red hat and bowtieboard gamelink-1
G-34643 Game of International SpyDifferent title; 4 man in hat silhouettes on coverboard gamelink-1
G-295 1940sSquadron Insigniarules-1
G-296 1942Stand Up Soldiers in Action
G-297 1928The Novel Game of Stop and Go305board game, checkers
G-298 1930The Novel Game of Stop and Shop417
G-299~ 1920sStriker-Outlottolink-1
G-300© 1945Sweeps the Popular "Money" Gamerace board gamerules-1
G-301 Table Tennis
G-24843 1956Tales of the Texas Rangers
G-23878© 1930Tennis and Baseball, All*Fair Combination Gamelink-1 · 1 copyright
G-302© 1929Tick Tock and Ring Toss413 (on cover and rules)ring toss
G-30132 Tiddledy Winks(none)blonde boy walking yellow dog; no catalog number marked on gametiddlywinks
G-30237 Tiddledy Winks420 (on rules)large blue diamond in background of cover, with yellow background at top and bottom quarters and red in middle halftiddlywinks
G-30896 Tiddledy Winks561tiddlywinks
G-30400 Tiddledy Winks635; 635K (on rules)"TIDDLEDY" and "WINKS" in white on blue trapezoids; red/yellow horizontal lines of varying widths in backgroundtiddlywinks
G-30396 Tiddledy Winks659K [on rules]cup at lower center with two eyes, one winkingtiddlywinks
G-30166 Tiddledy Winks666 (on wraparound label inside)large red circle with yellow background on cover; blonde boy at left crouching to shoot a yellow wink; "TIDDLEDY WINKS" in squiggly blue letters with white dotstiddlywinks
G-303 Tiddledy Winks674-1blonde boy walking yellow dog; catalog number 674-1 on covertiddlywinks
G-30346© 1931Tiddledy Winks555tiddlywinks
G-30274© 1931Tiddledy Winks614blue background in upper left; red in lower right; yellow diagonal stripes betweentiddlywinks
G-30036 1956Tiddledy Winkstiddlywinks
G-30685 Tiddledy Winks and Tiddledy Toppletiddlywinks
G-29849 Tiddly Winks668"tiddly winks" in white on black rectangle; winking girl and boy at lower lefttiddlywinks
G-30338 Tiddly Winks and Three Other Games1251red background; stream of winks (green, yellow, blue, red, green, yellow, blue, red, green, yellow) across covertiddlywinks
G-304 1929Tip the Bell Boy414skill & action game
G-305 1925Toon-In Radio Game, with Toon-In Radio Golfrules-1 · link-1
G-306 Tour of the World
G-307~ 1930sNew Game of Traffic574 (on rules)board gamerules-1 · link-1
G-308~ 1940Treasure Huntrules-1 · link-1
G-309 1923Tutoom, Journey to the Treasures of Pharaohboard gamerules-1 · link-1 · link-2
G-310 United States Rummyrules-1
G-311 1935W. P. A.image-1
G-312© 1931Watch on De Rind502 (on cover and rules)ball catapult target game2 copyrights
G-313© 1927The Way to the White House - Game of Electing the President304link-1
G-30319≤1960Western Double Feature Game Box859tiddlywinkslink-1
G-314© 1926Witzi-Wits the Fortune Teller and Her Box of Stunts for Parties375fortune tellinglink-1 · 2 copyrights
G-25947 1957The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
G-315 1945Word Bank
G-316© 1926The World Flyers Air Race354race board game2 copyrights
G-34277~ 1939World's Fair Carnival Game593board gamelink-1
G-34625 Wyntre Golflink-1
G-317≤1923Wyntre Golf, Forerules-1
G-318~ 1922X-Plor U.S. by Airplane from the Atlantic to the Pacific308
G-320 1925Zippy Zepps Air Gamerace board gamelink-1 · link-2
G-321~ 1930sOriginal Game of Zoom525 (on rules)board gamelink-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 181