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National Games, Inc. (33 games) · P-1152
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-19855 1950sThe 49ersrules-1
G-19848≤1946Animal Croquet5011croquet
G-19849 1946Game of Arabian Nightsrules-1
G-19850 Big Game
G-19852~ 1940Chinese Checkers
G-19853 1954Crosswordsrules-1
G-19854 Fishing Game2012rules-1 · Arthur Dritz (designer)
G-36767 Giant Tiddley Winkstiddlywinks
G-27386 1989Honoluluopoly
G-19856~ 1940sGame of India2003
G-19861 Game of India Pachisi3019rules-1
G-19857 1950sJack & the Beanstalk
G-30074~ 1958Jumbo Tiddley Winks & Rings 2 Giant Games5009 (on cover); 700 (on rules)tiddlywinks
G-27385 1984Let's Go Hike
G-19858~ 1950Little Bo Peeprules-1
G-19859≤1947Magnetic Fish Pondfish pond
G-19860 Marble Bowl
G-34250~ 1940sOld Maid3025
G-27387 1960sPar Golfboard game
G-27388 1964Play Basketball with Bob Cousy
G-19862 Race of the Turtles and Haresrules-1
G-36770 Ring Toss2010ring toss
G-19863 1956Robin Hood, The Robust Game of6000rules-1
G-27389 1950sSherlock Holmes
G-19864 Squad Carrules-1
G-34251~ 1950sThree Little Pigs5004
G-30402 Tiddledy Winks3008tiddlywinks
G-27390 Top Secret
G-30791 Toytime Tiddley Winks3008blue bottom backgroundtiddlywinks
G-30113~ 1954Toytime Tiddley Winks3008black bottom backgroundtiddlywinksW. Rad (cover artist)
G-29901 Toytime Tiddley Winks Game by ARTHUR DRITZ2001tiddlywinksArthur Dritz (designer)
G-19865~ 1940sTriple Play

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 33