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R. Bliss Manufacturing Co. (50 games) · P-1322
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-648~1896ABC, Game of
G-6491896Arena, Game of
G-6501889Attack, Game of
G-651~1891Bad Boy's Little Game, The
G-652~1896Ball Toss Game
G-6531889Balloon, Game of
G-34396~1884Base Ball, New Parlor Game ofUmpire is not carrying an umbrella; two players benches
G-654~1884Base Ball, New Parlor Game ofUmpire is carrying an umbrella; one players bench
G-6551889Detective, Game of
G-656~1891Domino Pool, Game of
G-6571890Dudes, Game of the
G-658©1886Fantasma Game1 copyright
G-6591893Favorite Games, The, incl: Babes in the Woods; House That Jack Built; Old Woman in Shoe; Ride A Cock Horse; Robinson Crusoe; Visit to the Farm
G-660~1889Fish Pond Game, Improvedfish pond
G-6611888Five Little Pigs Puzzle, The
G-662Fly Away
G-663~1891Frog Pond, Improved, Game of
G-664~1895Good Luck, Game of
G-6651891Great Railroad Game, Therules-1
G-666~1896Humpty-Dumpty, Game of
G-667~1891Hunting Match, Game of the
G-668~1900Klondike Nugget Game
G-669~1880Lawn and Parlor Ring Toss
G-6701889League Parlor Base Ball
G-671~1894Life in the Wild West
G-672~1885Man in the Moon
G-673Milk Maid
G-6741891Minnehaha, Game of
G-675~1896Mother Goose Ten Pins
G-6761890Newsboy, Game of
G-677~1891Noah's Ark, Game of
G-678~1891Open Sesame, Game of
G-679~1880Parlor Floor Croquet
G-680~1896Perfection Game Board
G-681~1895Punch and Judy Ten Pins
G-682~1890Ring Toss, Game of
G-683~1896Rough Rider Ten Pins
G-6841892Runaway Sheep
G-685~1896Sailor Boy Ring Toss
G-686School's Out
G-6871891Shopping, Game of
G-688~1889Solitaire & Siege Boards
G-6891891Stanley Africa Game, Therules-1
G-690~1896Stars and Stripes, Game of
G-691~1889Table Croquet
G-29805Tiddledy Winks, Game oftiddlywinks
G-6921893Visit to the Farm
G-693~1896Wall Ring Game, The
G-6941889Wild West, Game of
G-695©1892World's Columbia Exposition, Game of the1 copyright

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 50