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American Toy Works (35 games) · P-138
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-397194027 Games of Skill
G-3741930sAction Rolling Circus
G-375~1940sAero-Chute Target Game532rules-1
G-376~1925Checkers & Avion
G-377~1940Chen Check, with Bub; Dipsy Doodle; WampunaArthur Dritz
G-235791940sChukkles26Arthur Dritz
G-3781942Dave Dawson Pacific Battle Game539
G-3791942Dave Dawson Victory Game
G-297991920sFlip It13tiddlywinks
G-34501~1930sFlip It: Auto Race and Transcontinental Tour13board game, race gameArthur Dritz
G-23592~1930sJallopy406board gameArthur Dritz (designer), Joe Gould (artist)
G-381~1940sJungle Skittles524
G-243531935Kastle Kwoits523quoits
G-383~1940Let's Play Games, Golf
G-384~1940Let's Play Games, Polo
G-30446~1940sLet's Play Games: Seven Modern Games for Children311tiddlywinksArthur Dritz
G-235931938Library of Games, including: Avion; Bang-O; Checker Puzzle; Checkers; Chess, Chunga; Foregammon; Merelles; Pick-Me-Up; Polychek; Py Hy Ky; Tigh; Yumph403rules-1
G-3861937Lid's Off, TheArthur Dritz
G-388Magnetic Treasure Hunt
G-387~1940Marble Bowl2013Arthur Dritz
G-389~1940Mumbly-Darts307Arthur Dritz
G-390~1938My Wordrules-1
G-3911937Opportunity Hour for Amateurs
G-392Pacific Battlerules-1
G-393~1940Persian Peg, Game of23Arthur Dritz
G-30407Pogo Polo318tiddlywinksArthur Dritz (designer), Joe Gould (artist)
G-395~1930Ring Toss
G-3961938Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
G-30070Tiddledy Winks31square boxtiddlywinks
G-30131Tiddledy Winks424horizontal rectangular boxtiddlywinks
G-29492~1935Top-Par305board, S&AArthur Dritz
G-30383~1940Twink24tiddlywinksArthur Dritz
G-3991930sYippie Rolling Game

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 35