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Russell Manufacturing Co. (111 games) · P-1404
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-36422 3 Bears Gamecard gamelink-1
G-36436© 1984A B C Letter and Number Cards For Fun and Learning7015; UPC 0 7278 00110card game
G-21468≤1928Airplane and Mystic
G-21469≤1939Animal Rummy550-5item number 550-5card game
G-36466© 1984Animal Rummy Card Game7016; UPC 0 72758 00110copyright 1984 on back; item number 7016card game
G-36847 1923Game of Authors501on cover: girl at left and girl at right, reading books in front of windowcard game, authors
G-23571 1925Game of Authors501on cover: man at right with white hair and beard, wearing glasses, with boy in green/white sitting on floor and girl in blue, all in front of a fireplacecard game, authors
G-36447 1925Authors550-2on cover: styllzed man with quill and green bow in hair tailcard game, authors
G-21471 Authors and Spin-A-Topcard game, authors
G-36434 Authors Card Gameon cover: teal blue background; stylized image of Mark Twain smoking pipecard game, authors
G-21470© 1935Authors, with Good Books51card game, authors
G-21472≤1931Auto Race
G-27967 1951Bachelor Girl
G-21473© 1945Bachelor Girl Game
G-21474≤1928Backgammon and Chinese Checkers
G-21476 1929Basketball
G-21477 Bid Jack
G-21478© 1939Bull Frog
G-21479≤1924The Game of Buried Treasure
G-27968 1955Calypso
G-21480 Canasta
G-36461~ 1977Russell's Color-A-Deck Card Game - Circus Old Maidcard game
G-21481© 1940Crib-inocard gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-36431© 1940Cross Letters Game251-3card game
G-21482© 1940Cross Numbers Game251-4on cover: square with 4 sections, marked 1, 3, 4, and 8card game1 copyright
G-36443© 1939Cross-Numbers the New Game Hit!23card game
G-21483© 1938Crossword Letter Game
G-23804© 1935Crossword-Letter Game
G-21484 Cup-It
G-27969 1955Disneyland Express
G-36445© 1954Domino Cards251-2card game
G-36463 Donald Duck Character Card Game168-B (on blister packaging card)card game
G-36440© 1965Donald Duck Playing Cards405card game
G-36465 Dr. Quack550-3item number 550-3
G-21485 1935The Comical Game of Dr. Quack52item number 52rules-1 · rules-2 · rules-3
G-21486 1928Famous White House Game
G-27970 1950Game of Flags of the United Nations153-6card gameimage-1
G-30236© 1937Flip Jack220catapult
G-21490 Fun-Full Thrift Gamecard game
G-21491~ 1930sFunny Frolics, or 10,000 Smiles
G-21492~ 1930Goof Race and Ten Pins523
G-21493≤1928Great American Derby
G-23879© 1926Home Run Baseball Game1 copyright
G-27971 1954Howdy Doody Card Game153-2card game
G-21495 1920sIndian Backgammon
G-21496 Jacksticks
G-36435 1945Library of Games - Game of: Old Maid, Authors, Dr. Quack, Slap Jack, Animal Rummy, Cross-Wordcard game, authors
G-21498© 1935, 1939Library of Games, including: Animal Rummy (with Bull Frog, Wild Animal); Authors (with Good Books); Crossword Letter Game; Dr. Quack; Old Maid; Slap Jack (with Bid Jack, Skat)card game, authorsrules-1 · rules-2
G-36437 1946Mickey Mousecard game
G-36438 Mickey Mouse Funny Rummy Card GamePluto on skis with Mickey Mouse saluting with left hand on slopescard game
G-21499© 1946Mickey Mouse Library of Games - Donald Duck Game, Pinocchio Game, Mickey Mouse Game, Bambi Game, The Three Little Pigs Game, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Game
G-36423© 1965Mickey Mouse Playing Cardscard game
G-21500 1920Game of Mother Naturerules-1 · rules-2
G-34263© 1940Mystic and Airplane Race216
G-36464 1945Old Maid550-1on cover: red background; woman with glasses below her eyescard game
G-21503 1930sOld Maid - Funfill Thrift Game
G-36428 1963Old Maid Space Age Edition140card game, old maid
G-21502 Game of Old Maid, Authors and Doctor Quackcard game, authors
G-35080 1920sPan-Cake Tiddly-Winks155item number 155tiddlywinks
G-29953 1920sPan-Cake Tiddly-Winks211item number 211tiddlywinkslink-1
G-21504patented 1926Par Golf Card Gamecard gamerules-1 · rules-2 · 1 copyright · 1 patent · Bert (Wheeler) Moorman
G-21505≤1941Patriotic Picture Quiz Game
G-36451 Pinocchiocard game
G-21506≤1928Radio Ball
G-21507≤1924Rainbow Teacher
G-21508≤1924Ring Toss
G-36427 Ripley's Believe It or Notcard game
G-27972 1964Santa Claus Card Gamecard game
G-21509 Skat
G-21511© 1951Sky Trailsrules-1
G-36442 1935Game of Slap Jack543 (on cover); 54 (on rules)horizontal box; background is red and black with serration and dental notches; king and jack in rectanglecard game
G-21510© 1935Slap Jack54 (on rules)publisher catalog number 54 on rules; rules also for Bid Jack, Skatcard gamerules-1
G-36425© 1935Slap Jack550-4 (on game back)publisher catalog number 550-4 on game backcard game
G-36441 1984Snap!card game
G-36429© 1946Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1946 copyright; man blowing horn logocard game
G-36462© 1965Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Card Game405 (on back)1965 copyright; oval Russell logocard game
G-36432 Space Age Slap Jack Card Gameon cover: pale blue background; image of spaceship around planetcard game
G-36433© 1984Space Age Slap Jack Card Game7019on cover: green background; "playED Games" on cover; sorceror with swordcard game
G-21512 1922Speed King
G-21513≤1928Spirit of Chance
G-21514 Sufficientrules-1 · rules-2 · rules-3
G-36453© 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Bat Mancard game
G-36456~ 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Flashcard game
G-36454~ 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Robin Boy Wondercard game
G-36452~ 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Shazamcard game
G-36426© 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Superman108card game
G-36455~ 1977Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game - Wonder Womancard game
G-36439 1977Russell's Super Hero Rummy Card Gamecard game
G-36446© 1959Tail the Donkey Game153-9pin the tail
G-21515© 1935Take Off53rules-1 · rules-2
G-21516 Game of Three Bears
G-21517© 1946The Three Little Pigson cover: two pigs with a small boatcard game
G-36444© 1965The Three Little Pigs650 B (on hanging display sheet)on cover: two happy pigs and one angry one looking at garden scoop; orange backgroundcard game
G-21518 1922Game of Tortoise and the Hare
G-36448 Walt Disney's True Life Adventure Cards for Play or Trade153-8card game
G-21519≤1928Tumbledown Race
G-36457~ 1977Russell's Walt Disney Color-A-Deck Card Game - Catch-A-Mousecard game
G-36459~ 1977Russell's Walt Disney Color-A-Deck Card Game - Mary Poppinscard game
G-36458~ 1977Russell's Walt Disney Color-A-Deck Card Game - Rescuerscard game
G-36460~ 1977Russell's Walt Disney Color-A-Deck Card Game - Robin Hoodcard game
G-36848~ 1931The Comical Game of Whip252yellow/black checked border; triangle logo; catalog number 252card game
G-21520~ 1931The Comical Game of Whip503red outer border; oval logo; catalog number 503card game
G-21521≤1928Whirley-Goof Game
G-21522 Wild Animal
G-36424© 1951Wild West Game251-5card game
G-21523 1932Game of Wow
G-36467≤1928Yankee Doodle Baseball

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Total number of games found: 111