Publisher and Game Information

Samuel Gabriel Sons & Company (109 games) · P-1425
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-7893≤1942A.B.C. LottoT-255lotto
G-261051955American History Bingo
G-8319≤1942Animal DominoesT-258
G-7824≤1930Animal Lottolotto
G-78681942Around the ClockT-257
G-261061981Bent Out of Shape
G-78701931Bird Lotto, The Game ofT-253lotto
G-78711939Black Sambo, Game ofT-264
G-261071978British Square
G-7872≤1942Busy BeeT-287
G-261081971Catch 21
G-243381939Chee ChowT-75
G-243371939Chee ChowT-77
G-7874≤1942Chick in the CoopT-320
G-24339≤1942Ching GongT-97rules-1
G-9302≤1942Ching Gong Oriental CheckersT-99rules-1
G-261101977Chutes Away
G-9301≤1935Clipper RaceT-248rules-1
G-78751921Clock LottoT-239lotto
G-30737Clown Winksrules attached under box lidtiddlywinks
G-30060~1930Clown WinksT-211tiddlywinks
G-7877Color Cubes
G-261121978Colossal Fossil Fight
G-78781950Comic Pets Lottolotto
G-78941950Cowboys & Indians
G-261131955Davy Crockett Rescue Game
G-9512≤1942Dubble UpT-251rules-1
G-92961956Earth Satellite Gamerules-1
G-78821931Fighting the FlamesT-246
G-9331~1940Flower Lottolottorules-1
G-78841921Frog Frolics
G-261151956Frontier Fort Rescue
G-7885≤1934Fur, Fins and Feathers
G-7886~1940sGarden LottoT-273lotto
G-9328~1933Good Old Days Puzzles, A Party Gamerules-1
G-9303≤1942Good Things to Eat LottoT-232lottorules-1
G-78871937Grab Ball
G-9335≤1949House We Live In Lotto, Thelottorules-1
G-34237~1950Humpty DumptyT-285
G-9323≤1942In and Out the WindowT-269rules-1
G-7889≤1935Indian Arrow Heads, The Fascinating Game of
G-78881940sIndians and Cowboys
G-261161955J. Fred Muggs Around the World
G-78901934Jim Duffer Golf Game
G-7891~1930sJumping Jupiter, A New Game
G-7892≤1935Kriss Kross, Game ofT-244
G-7881≤1942Let's Auto-TourT-290
G-92881937Let's Go Shoppingrules-1
G-261171956Lion Hunt
G-261201955Magic Sticks
G-7879≤1930Magnetic FishingT-219
G-261211975Mickey Mouse's Pop-N-Play - A Pop-O-Matic Puzzle Game73650rules-1
G-7839≤1942Mother Goose Grab BagT-281
G-261191955Mt. Everest
G-261181955My First Game
G-7840≤1934Nine Men's Morris and CheckersT-247
G-7841≤1934Object LottoT-239lotto
G-7842≤1935Old Bridge Rolling Game
G-78431931Old Mill and Checkers, Game of
G-7844≤1935Peter Rabbit GameT-249
G-7845≤1942Picture Matching GameT-256
G-7847≤1942Play Post OfficeT-282
G-261251975Point Blank
G-261241977Poucho Checkers
G-7849Puss in the Corner, Game of
G-78651940sPut it in the Bank
G-9265~1935Puzzle LottoT-224lottorules-1
G-7851~1940Ramar of the Jungle Blow Gun Game
G-9271≤1942Ring WhizT-283rules-1
G-7838≤1930Round the Fair
G-7853~1927Seek & Find Bible Game
G-7854≤1942Shovel ShuffleT-322
G-7855~1920Shuffle-Board, The New Game ofT-21
G-9293≤1942Snap JacksT-240rules-1
G-261271971Spiro T. Agnew American History Challenge
G-261301956Stock Car Road Race
G-92911955, 1956Stock Market Game, Therules-1
G-261311978Sudden Death
G-7858≤1942Ten PinsT-285
G-7859≤1942Things That Go LottoT-234lotto
G-30085≤1935Tiddledy WinksT-220tiddlywinks
G-30890≤1935Tiddledy WinksT-220rules leaflettiddlywinks
G-30086≤1942Tiddledy Winks for Eight PlayersT-254tiddlywinks
G-78621936Traffic Jam
G-261341955Truth or Consequencesgame show
G-7863Twentieth Century Transportation Puzzle
G-7864≤1935Twinkle TwinkleT-233
G-7637≤1942Two for TwoT-222
G-8664≤1935Uphill and Down Dale
G-9294~1940sWe Play StoreT-231rules-1
G-9133≤1935Wild Flower LottoT-252lotto
G-261351980Word Rummy

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 109