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Selchow & Righter Co. (324 games) · P-1449
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-28127 1985Alfred's Other Game
G-23820 Ali Bababoard
G-21652© 1882The Game of Alice in Wonderland356 (in 1888 catalog)card gamelink-1
G-23812 Alpha-Bettor
G-28128 1972Alphabet Game
G-21653≤1932American Hero
G-21655≤1888Anagrams or Words Aliveanagramslink-1
G-23749 Anagrams, Embossed Edition79anagramsrules-1 · rules-2
G-28129 1974Animal Land
G-28130 1972Arabian Knights Flying Carpet
G-21656© 1953The Game of Assembly Line61rules-1 · rules-2 · image-1 · 1 copyright · 1 patent · Marion E. Stringer, Thomas Hously
G-21657 Authors345 (in 1888 catalog)card game, authorsrules-1 · rules-2
G-24026 1931Backgammon1 copyright
G-21659≤1935Backgammon - Checker Combination
G-28132 1954Bali
G-28139 1956Bang Game of the Old West
G-28133 1977Barbipapa Takes A Trip
G-28134 1968Behind the "8" Ballimage-1
G-28135 1964Bewitch
G-34111≥1867Bézique CompletePaper board box edition.card gamerules-1 · rules-2 · Albert B. Swift
G-22122≥1867Bézique CompleteMuslin bound box edition.card gamerules-1 · rules-2 · Albert B. Swift
G-21660 1940Big League Base Ball Game
G-24250© 1953Blast Off; The Moving Planet Space Game1 copyright · Marion E. Stringer, Harry Walton
G-28136© 1952Boondoggle; The Game of Comic Electionsimage-1 · 1 copyright · James Wiley & Henry Martin
G-21661≤1932Bottom's Up
G-31962 1971Bride Gameimage-1
G-31963 1960Bridge for Juniorsimage-1
G-28137 1974Bulldog
G-23809 Buster Brown and Tige
G-21662 1906Buster Brown at the Circusrules-1 · rules-2
G-21663 Buster Brown Necktie Party
G-28138 1955Buzz
G-21664© 1938Cabby!16rules-1 · rules-2
G-28147 1957Cap-It
G-23823 1927Captain Kidd's Treasureboardimage-1
G-21665 1934Cargoes42image-1
G-21666© 1876Carnival of Characters from DickensAlbert A. Hill
G-21667 Castle Gammon
G-28143 1978Catfish Ben Storybook Game
G-28140 1976The Cattlemen
G-21668~ 1930sCavalcaderules-1 · rules-2 · image-1
G-28141 1950sCavalcade
G-21669 1940Champs: Land of Brauno
G-28144 1968Charades
G-36930 1965Chess for Juniorschess
G-21673 1915Chessindia
G-21674≤1935Children's Anagramsanagrams
G-21675 1896The Chinaman Partypin the tail
G-21676≤1935Cinderella Party
G-28146 1956Coney Island
G-21678© 1946Consetta and Her Wheel of Fortune2 copyrights · Edward P. Shurrick Sr.
G-28142 1972Cooks Tour
G-21680 1875Corn & Beansrules-1 · rules-2
G-24252© 1946Crazy Threes1 copyright · Clyde Sware
G-29964 1891Cricket on the Hearth tiddlywinks
G-29963 1891Cricketstiddlywinks
G-29965 1891Crickets on the Hearthtiddlywinks
G-21683© 1878Croquet, American Editioncroquetrules-1 · rules-2 · 1 copyright
G-24249© 1941Cross Patch2 copyrights · Lela E. Bohyer
G-28145 1962Cross Roadsimage-1
G-21684© 1938Dale Carnegie Game, The - How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleHarry Levey (designer and creator), Leon Lee (designer and creator)
G-28150 1956Dead Pan
G-21685© 1934Decoyrules-1 · rules-2 · Loyd U. Hays
G-28153 1956Decoy
G-28149© 1962Dick Tracy the Master Detective Gameboard game
G-21686~ 1910Dissected Map of the United States
G-28148 1961Doctor Quack
G-28152 1974Dollar Bill Poker
G-21687 1887Donkey Party
G-23750 Doodle-Bug Racerace game
G-21688 Double Double
G-21689© 1954Down You Gorules-1 · rules-2
G-21690 Dreamland Coney Islandrules-1 · rules-2
G-21691© 1949Drive Inimage-1 · 1 copyright
G-28157 1960Ellsworth Elephant
G-23562© 1941Elsie and Her Family - Get Them in the Barn86rules-1 · rules-2 · 2 copyrights
G-34264 1942Elsie and Her Family, Junior Edition
G-23561 1941The Elsie Game86
G-21693 1939Elsie the Cow Game
G-21694 Embossed Anagramsanagrams
G-28154 1970Emily Post Popular Game
G-21695 1942Empires, Global War Gamerules-1 · rules-2
G-28156 1957Engineer
G-28155 1975Escape from the Casbahimage-1
G-21696 1904The Game of Exchange
G-28162 1962Fairytale Game
G-21697 1882Farrago354 (in 1888 catalog)word game
G-21698~ 1890Fascination
G-30972© 1937Feed'n the Kitty75
G-29682~ 1930sFighting the Flames
G-28160 1957Fire Chief
G-21700≤1935Fire Chief, Ed Wynn The
G-28159 1957Fireman
G-23810 Fishing Party
G-28158 1956Flash: The Photography Game
G-23656 Flip Quiz71 copyright
G-21702 1940sFlying Aces
G-30033 Four Moons Tiddledy Winkstiddlywinks
G-21704 1905Foxy Grandpa Hat Party
G-28161 1966Freddy the Fireman
G-21705 Fun Alive339 (1888 catalog)1 copyright
G-23819 Funnel Funskill & action
G-21706 1916Funny Face Party
G-21707 1929Gab
G-28163 1968Game Inventors Kit
G-21708© 1953Games Galore1 copyright · Marion E. Stringer, Rex Taylor
G-21710 Ge-O-Graph-O
G-21709 1880Gems of Art, with: Art Sale; Display; Sol-i-taire; Word Making
G-30976 1955Get That License
G-28168 1961Gingerbread Man
G-21711© 1950Globe-Trottersimage-1 · 1 copyright
G-28165 1965Go for Broke1 trademark
G-28167 Got a Minute
G-21712~ 1925The Great Horse Race Game
G-21713© 1882The Gypsy Queen's Oraclecard gamelink-1
G-21714≤1935Happy Landing
G-21715© 1890Hare and Hounds, or Cross-Country Run1 copyright
G-23882© 1928Have You Itcard game1 copyright
G-21716© 1924Have-U It?
G-23808 Hearts & Darts Fortunes
G-28169 1962Game of Heros & Events
G-28171 1981Hog Tied
G-21717 Hold Everything
G-21718 1917Home Team Baseball Game
G-21719© 1948Home Town Baseball1 copyright
G-21721 Hot Numbers51
G-21722© 1948Huggin' the Rail461 copyright
G-21723 1899In the Pen and Out Again
G-21724~ 1930Indian Trailboard
G-30995© 1963Interstate Highway54
G-28172 1983Ipswich
G-21725≤1932It?card game
G-21726 1936Jamboreeimage-1
G-29966 1891Junotiddlywinks
G-28174 1964Karateimage-1
G-21728~ 1910Katzy Party
G-21729≤1932Keno Lottolotto
G-21730≤1888Komical Konversation Kards349 (in 1888 catalog)
G-28175 1966Kommissarimage-1
G-28179 1957La Riga
G-28166 1962Game of Landmarks
G-28176 1985Life Magazine Remembers
G-21731patented 1892Lightning
G-28177 1950sLittle Benny
G-23817 Little Bo-Peep
G-23818 Little Boy Blueboard
G-21732≤1935The Game of Little Colonel
G-28178 1972Lotteryimage-1
G-23814 Lucky Dotscard game
G-21735© 1948MacDonald's Farm Game1 copyright · 1 trademark
G-28181 1967Madame Plachette Horoscope
G-28182 1961Mechanic Mac
G-23751© 1950Meet the Presidents1 copyright
G-24253© 1953Meet the Presidents1 copyright · Marion E. Stringer, Joseph Shorin (revised)
G-31964 1965Meet the Presidentsimage-1
G-21737© 1884Metagrams
G-30046~ 1891Milk Maidtiddlywinks
G-21738 Mixed Pickles346 (in 1888 catalog)
G-36293 Mr. Doodle's Dog59Not marked "TRADE MARK"; Title on diagonal; wider rectangular box, metal piece versionboard gameHoward R. Garis (creator)
G-31965 1953?Mr. Doodle's Dog59Marked "TRADE MARK"; Title on diagonal; wider rectangular box, metal piece versionboard gameimage-1 · Howard R. Garis (creator)
G-21739~ 1940sMr. Doodle's Dog Junior Edition203Title on curve at top; rectangular box is closer to squareboard game
G-24254© 1953Mr. Ree1 copyright · Edward H. Freedman (revised)
G-21740© 1937Mr. Ree, The Fireside Dectective
G-28183 1966N.B.C. Peacock
G-21741© 1936Nuggets, The Rush to the Klondike76board game
G-28184 1972Numberland Counting
G-21742≤1888Old Maid340 (in 1888 catalog)Letters of "OLD" get smaller, and "MAID" get larger, at top
G-36541≤1888Old Maid348 (in 1888 catalog)"OLD MAID" in lower left; printed in colors
G-28185 1981Old Shoe Game
G-28186 1970Opinion Poll
G-21743© 1887Our Donkey Party1 copyright
G-21744 1916Our Fishing Party
G-28191 1955P.O.W. The Frontier Game
G-21745~ 1930sPandora Jig Saw Puzzle
G-21746 1874Parcheesi
G-31966 1890Parcheesiimage-1 image-2
G-21747 1929Parcheesi
G-23752 1932Parcheesi
G-21748 1942Parcheesi
G-31967 1967Parcheesiimage-1
G-21677© 1931Parcheesi and Club Parcheesi1 copyright
G-21749© 1877Parlor Race, or Dickens on the Turf1 copyright
G-23753© 1946Parollette1 copyright · William Longyear (designer)
G-28187 1978Pass It On
G-28193 1959Peanuts - The Game of Charlie Brown and His Pals
G-29967 1891Pedrotiddlywinks
G-21752~ 1900Game of Peter CoddlesPeter Coddles is facing left, holding a green bag with orange/yellow flowerscard gamelink-1
G-36540≤1888Peter Coddles Trip to New YorkPeter Coddles is facing right with dog below and fence to right
G-21753 Peter Coddles' Trip to New York, or How He Spent Half a Million
G-21754 1926Peter Pan
G-21755 1927Peter Pan in Never Never Land with Tinker Bell
G-21756 1894The New Game Piggies
G-23822 Pigs and Pigs
G-21757~ 1875Pigs in Clover
G-23806 Pin the Tail on the Donkey
G-21758 Planchette
G-28188 1957Policeman
G-21759 Popping the Question
G-28189 1977Possibility Thinkers Game
G-28190 1957Postman
G-28170 1962Game of Products & Resources
G-21760© 1953Prospecting, the Gold Rush Game1 copyright · Robert D. Miller, Le Roy D. Moloney
G-28195 1981Quip Cubes
G-21761 Quiz
G-28194 1985Qwink
G-21762 1927Radio Rambleboard game
G-21763~ 1920Rainy Day Golf
G-28197 1980Reader's Digest Q & A
G-28200 1986Rebus
G-21764≤1932Reg'lar Fellers Bowling Game
G-21765 Ringers
G-28205 1977Robert H. Schuller's Hour of Power
G-29791≤1935Rock-a-bye Birdiestiddlywinks
G-28198 1964Roman-X
G-21767 1938Royal Jacks
G-28201 1971RPM
G-28196 1966RSVP
G-28202 1965Runaway 200
G-28199 1976Russian Roulette
G-21768© 1950Safari1 copyright
G-28204 1982Safe Crack
G-21769~ 1940sSalute!image-1
G-30937 Salute! Junior Edition205
G-21770 Scoralet46
G-28206 1959Scrabble
G-34830 1973Scrabble word gamelink-1
G-31968 1976Scrabbleimage-1
G-28209 1968Scrabble Crossword Cubes
G-28207 1959Scrabble for Juniors
G-28211 1986Scrabble Rebus
G-23754 1978Scrabble Sensor Electronic Word Game
G-28208 1971Scrabble Sentence Cubes
G-28212 1984Secret Weapon
G-21771patented 1880Sectional Checker Board Puzzle341 (in 1888 catalog)large boxpuzzle
G-36539patented 1880Sectional Checker Board Puzzle342 (in 1888 catalog)small boxpuzzle
G-21772 1881Setto Game of Syllables355 (in 1888 catalog)
G-30307© 1959Shuffle Winks14tiddlywinks
G-28219 1988Skaters Only
G-21774patented 1875Sliced Animals
G-21775patented 1875Sliced Birds
G-23816 Sliced Birds and Animalspuzzle strips
G-21776patented 1875Sliced Letters
G-21777patented 1875Sliced Nations
G-21779patented 1875Sliced Objects
G-21778patented 1875Sliced Pictural Metagrams
G-29652 1941Snake Eyes271 trademark
G-21781 1941Snake Eyes, Junior Edition
G-29968 1891Snap Dragontiddlywinks
G-28215 1960Snoopy
G-28218 Soupy Sez Go Go
G-28216 1970Space Walk
G-21783~ 1940Speed
G-21784 The Game of Spelling Muddle
G-21785 Spiderweb
G-23807 Spirit of the 20th Century
G-23821 Stepping Stones board
G-21786 Stockade
G-28203 1950Straight Arrow
G-28213 1961Straightaway
G-23566 Sumer, Royal Game of
G-21787~ 1925Sumrunboard
G-21788≤1932Sun Run
G-21789© 1953Super Market, the Red Light-Green Light Shopping Game1 copyright · Henry R. Martin, James S. Wiley
G-28214 1953Supermarket
G-21790 1929Sweep
G-28220 Sweet Pickles
G-30172 Table Golftiddlywinks
G-28223 1964Tangle
G-21791 1940sTaxi
G-23811 Ten-To-Talcard game
G-21792~ 1940sThe Thief of Bagdad
G-28225 1959Three Little Pigs1 trademark
G-28226 1977Tic Tac Toe Times 10image-1
G-28227 1969Tic-Tac-Tower
G-30171 Tiddledy Winks(none)tiddlywinks
G-29969 1891Tiddledy Winks1tiddlywinks
G-29970 1891Tiddledy Winks2tiddlywinks
G-2997110 Feb 1891Tiddledy Winks3tiddlywinks
G-30683 Tiddledy Winks Pooltiddlywinks
G-29972 Tiddledy Winks Ring Gametiddlywinks
G-30284 Tidley Winkstiddlywinks
G-30093≤1932Tidley Winkstiddlywinks
G-29653 1962The Tom and Jerry Game
G-28224 1964Toot Toot
G-28228 1957Trap-Em
G-28221 1985Trivial Pursuit
G-28222 1987Trivial Pursuit for Junior
G-31969 1981Trivial Pursuit Genus Editionimage-1
G-31970 1981Trivila Pursuit Silver Screen Editionimage-1
G-28229 1962Troke
G-21794 Twelve Phunnie Phamilies
G-28233 1962U.S. Map Game
G-28230 1986Ubi
G-28232 1981Upper Hand
G-28231 1977UR: Royal Game of Sumer
G-21658 1874Vignette Authors344 (in 1888 catalog)card game, authors
G-21795 1904War-Whoop
G-28238 1955Wash Out
G-21796© 1940We Wow Wang Game1 copyright · C. Wells Nieman
G-28234 1966What Shall I Be?image-1
G-28235 1969What Shall I Were
G-28240 1969What's Up
G-21797~ 1939Whistling Wizard
G-28237 1978Who's On First, Abbott & Costello's
G-28236 1972Whodunitimage-1
G-31971 1985Whodunitimage-1
G-29973© 1981Willy Winks41tiddlywinks1 trademark
G-23813 Win-A-Pegskill & action
G-30232 Winky Dinky A Tidley Wink Combinationtiddlywinks
G-21798 Wit and Wisdom
G-28239 1955Wuffle Tree
G-31972 1940Yankee Doodleimage-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 324