Publisher and Game Information

Toy Creations, Inc. (33 games) · P-1560
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-22192≤1943(dart boards)
G-22187≤1941America, Kate Smith's Own Game
G-22188 1939Benny Goodman, A Game of Musical Information
G-22191 1944Bombs Away
G-24365 1939Chinese Checkers with Combination Game Board
G-22193© 1940Democracy the Fascinating Game of National Defenserules-1
G-23762~ 1937Dog Race1213
G-22194 1944Eagle Bombsight
G-22195≤1938Klix Dice
G-22196 1939Official Baseball Game
G-22197 1940Official Basketball Game
G-24364 1940Official Football Game21KIR
G-22198 1940Official Hockey Game, Lester Patrick'simage-1
G-22199~ 1930sOfficial Radio Baseball
G-22200© 1939Official Radio Football Game
G-22201≤1938Phillips Lord's Gang Buster Action Games
G-22202≤1938Pile 'Em High
G-22203 Pocket Backgammon
G-22204~ 1940Pocket Baseball
G-22205~ 1940Pocket Footballrules-1
G-22206© 1940Pot O' Gold
G-22207≤1938Professor Wiz Party Games
G-22208 1943Quiz Pix
G-22209≤1941Radio Baseball
G-22210≤1941The Shadow Game
G-22211~ 1940sSoldiers and Sailors Game
G-22212© 1942Spot-A-Plane Game236board game
G-29481© 1944Trap-a-Checkboard game
G-22213≤1938Uncle Jim Question Bee
G-22214≤1941V for Victory Gamerules-1
G-22215© 1938Ward Cuff's Football Game

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 33