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Transogram Co., Inc. (257 games) · P-1569
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-2898219603 In-A-Row Home Quizgame show
G-28878195754 Variety Game Chest
G-288351957Adventures of Popeye Game
G-288381960Angela Cartwright's Buttons and Bows
G-288331961Aquanauts, The
G-222421931Arch Pool
G-222431957Around the World in 80 Daysrules-1 · image-1
G-288341963Arrest & TrialTV series
G-288361966Atom Antcartoon character
G-288391967Auto Drome: Speedway Skill Game
G-288431963Bamm Bamm Color Me Happy
G-288511962Bears and Bees
G-288401961Ben Casey
G-288531961Betsy Ross and the Flagimage-1
G-288561967Big Blast
G-22244©1936Big Businessrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-321041948Big Businessimage-1
G-296811954Big Business
G-22245Bingo, Gold Medalrules-1
G-288521962Birthday Cake
G-288551958Black Beautyboard
G-22246≤1935Black Birds255
G-288441966Blondie Hurry Scurry Game
G-288451960sBozo the Clown Circus Game
G-288411957Buccaneers, TheTV series
G-288501965Buck Rogers Adventures in the 25th Centurycomic strip
G-22247≤1935Bucking Broncos
G-288471970Bullwinkle Travel
G-288421964Burke's LawTV series
G-288631954Calling Superman
G-288611968Candy Capers
G-288571955Captain GallantTV series
G-288591959Championship 6 in 1 Sports Combination
G-222481945Checkers and Backgammonrules-1
G-288621963Choo Choo: The Train Game
G-22250≥1924Cross Word Puzzle Game
G-22251≤1934Cuckoo Clowns
G-288701954Dealer's Choice
G-288691961Deputy Dawgcartoon
G-288641961Detectives, The
G-288661961Dino the Dinosaur
G-288681955Disneyland Game
G-288711960Doc HollidayTV series
G-22252©1937Dog Racerules-1
G-288671963Dream Date3897image-1
G-22253≤1937Duck Pins
G-22254≤1935Duck Shooting Game
G-288741961Eddy Arcaro Blue Grass Handicap Horse Race
G-289931961Electromatic Dial Quiz
G-288721961Eliot Ness and the UntouchablesTV series
G-288771967Firehouse Mouse
G-22255≤1935Fish Pondfish pond
G-288751961Flintstones Stoneage Game, Theboard game
G-30678©1961Flintstones Stoneage Tiddledy Winks with Tiddledy Target, Thetiddlywinks1 copyright
G-222561931Flying High
G-288761964Four Lane Road Racing
G-288791962Frisky Frogimage-1
G-222571931Funny Folks
G-222581942Game Chest, Gold Medal Deluxe
G-288831964Gang Way for Fun
G-23764Gold Medal
G-288801964Gomer Pyle
G-28884Good and Plenty ® GAME
G-288821956Gray Ghost, TheTV series
G-288811965Green Ghostimage-1
G-288951964Hands Up Harry
G-30197©1938Happy Landing10.75 inches square boxtiddlywinksrules-1
G-30196©1938Happy Landing103512 inch square boxtiddlywinksrules-1
G-288871963Hashimoto Sancartoon
G-237651944Hats Off Bowling Game
G-288881963Hector Heathcoatcartoon
G-321081967Hocus Pocusimage-1
G-288911968Hocus Pocus
G-288861966Hogan's Heroes
G-288961950Hopalong Cassidy Lasso
G-288891965Hoppy the Hopparoocartoon
G-288921967Hot Diggity Dog
G-288901960Huckleberry Hound - Lids Offcartoon
G-288931961Huckleberry Hound's Bump
G-288941961Huckleberry Hound's Huckle Chuckle
G-22261≤1935Hungry Willie3006
G-22262≤1935India, Game of
G-289001957Jack and the Beanstalk
G-288971956Jackie Gleason's And Away We GoTV series
G-288981962Jetsons: Out of the Worldcartoon
G-289011960Johnny RingoTV series
G-288991964Jonny Questcartoon
G-289021968Jungle Fun
G-289031962Kennedys, The
G-22263Kick the Bucket
G-23766Kro-Kay, Gold Medal2151
G-289071962Laurel & Hardycartoon
G-289111968Liars Poker
G-289051963Lieutenant, TheTV series
G-289081965Linus the Lionheartedcartoon
G-289091962Lippy the Lion Flipscartoon
G-22265©1936Lucky Bingo Game
G-289101968Lucky Louie
G-22266≤1935Lucky Roll
G-289061962Lucy ShowTV series
G-289121962Ludwig Von Drake Wiggle Waggle
G-22267≤1927Magnetic Fish Pondfish pond
G-289161966Mandrake the Magiciancomic strip
G-289211965Master Spy Target Game
G-289131962McHale's NavyTV series
G-289221964Meatball the Hungry Lion Ball Toss
G-222681938Michigan Kitty
G-289171966Mighty Comics Super Heros
G-289181966Mighty Heros on the Scenecartoon
G-321101961Miss Popularityimage-1
G-289201967Monkees, TheTV series
G-289231967Monkey's Uncle
G-22269©1938Mosaic Designs for Youngsters1190
G-24240©1934Mosaicssmall1 copyright
G-24241©1934Mosaics1196large1 copyright
G-32111©1938Movie Millionssmall, wood pieces, 1 boardrules-1 · image-1
G-22270©1938Movie Millionslarge, plastic pieces, 5 boardsimage-1
G-289191970Mr. Magoo's Maddening Misadventures
G-289151963Mr. NovakTV series
G-28914©1963My Favorite Martian Game3827TV seriesH. Greer, artist
G-289241961National Velvetmovie
G-22272©1929Orje, The Mystic Prophet1 copyright
G-289251962Outlaws, TheTV series
G-289261960Overland TrailTV series
G-22273©1960Overland Trail Gamerules-1
G-22274©1929Party Pranks, Gold Medalrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-289281950sPaul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney's T.V. Fun Kit
G-289361962Pebbles Flintstone
G-23767≤1935Peg Games and Peg Puzzlerules-1
G-289301959Perry MasonTV series
G-289331953Peter Pan Crayons and Stencils
G-289311963Phantom, Thecomic strip
G-296561966Phantom, The
G-289291960Philip MarloweTV series
G-289341964Pig in a Garden
G-222761931Pitch Patty
G-289381960Play Your Hunchgame show
G-289391962Pot O' Goldimage-1
G-289321955Prince ValiantTV series, comic stripimage-1
G-222781939Put and Take
G-22279≤1935Pygmy Golf
G-289411958Qwik Qwiz
G-289451966Rat Patrol, Theimage-1
G-222801931Ride 'Em Coyboy & Knuckle Down
G-289471955Rin Tin TinTV series
G-22282~1955Rin-Tin-Tin Game, Adventures of3861rules-1
G-22281≤1935Ring Tossrules-1
G-289481962Rip CordTV series
G-289461960Rocky Colavito Baseball, Bowling, Dart Game
G-289421962Rosey the Robot
G-289431962Route 66TV series
G-289441962Ruff and Ready at the Circuscartoon
G-24243≤1938Rumlo1 copyright · Alfred Salzman
G-22283≤1935Save the Sailors
G-22285≤1935Scram Ball
G-289561960Screwball: The Mad Mad Mad Gameimage-1
G-289651964See New York
G-289491959Shari Lewis in SharilandTV series
G-289601962Shuttle Game
G-22286≤1935Sidewalks of New York
G-22287≤1935Silly Sailor
G-289501963Silly Sidneycartoon
G-222881942Sink the Ship
G-22289≤1935Snappy Jacks
G-289521965Space Angelcartoon
G-289661966Spiders Maze
G-222901940Spingo and Whirlette1094rules-1
G-289621961Stagecoach WestTV series
G-289581963Steps and Chutes
G-289571962Steve Scott Space Scout
G-289631963Stoney BurkeTV series
G-289551961Story of the U.S. Air Forceimage-1
G-289541962Strategic Commandimage-1
G-29636©1939Sugar Bowl1250skill & action
G-289611950Sugar Bowl
G-22291≤1932Table Tennis, Gold Medal
G-289751966Taffy's Baubles & Bangles
G-289761966Taffy's Party Game
G-289771966Taffy's Shopping Spree
G-22292≤1934Ten Pins
G-289701963Tennessee Tuxedocartoon
G-289781953Terry Tell Time
G-289711960Terrytoons Hide & Seek
G-289811956Tic-Tac-Doughgame show
G-29994Tiddledy Winks317tiddlywinks
G-30281Tiddledy Winks318tiddlywinks
G-30492Tiddledy Winks3318tiddlywinks
G-30551©1939Tiddledy Winks3144tiddlywinks
G-30117©1939Tiddledy Winks3144tiddlywinks
G-30118©1939Tiddledy Winks3144tiddlywinks
G-29996©1939Tiddledy Winks3146tiddlywinks
G-29993©1939Tiddledy Winks3317tiddlywinks
G-30381©1939Tiddledy Winks and Five Other Games3319tiddlywinks
G-30498(no date)Tiddledy Winks and Other Games(none)tiddlywinks
G-29995©1939Tiddledy Winks and Other Games1063tiddlywinks
G-30388©1955Tiddledy Winks and Other Games1063tiddlywinks
G-30731©1955Tiddledy Winks and Other Games3781tiddlywinks
G-30345©1955Tiddledy Winks and other Games3781tiddlywinks
G-30119Tiddledy Winks; 2 in 1; Tiddledy Tots319tiddlywinks
G-29997©1938Tiddledy Winks; Tiddledy Tots and 5 Other Games3144tiddlywinks
G-289731965Tom & Jerry: Adventures in Blunderland
G-289941962Top Cat
G-289741962Touche Turtlecartoon
G-289791960Transy's Original Bingo-Matic
G-289801961Transy's Race-A-Car
G-289831960Trip to New York, A
G-22294≤1935Two Froggies
G-289721959Two Game Play Tray
G-289841962Virginian, TheTV series
G-289851962Wally Gatorcartoon
G-289881960Walt Disney Magic Erasable Picture Game
G-289861961West Point Storyimage-1
G-289901966Wild Wild West, The
G-30188©1956Wink Tennis, Everybody plays3893tiddlywinks
G-300941931Winkey Winks54tiddlywinks
G-289891955Word Fun
G-289871958Wyatt EarpTV series
G-289911961Yogi Bear - Go Fly a Kite
G-289921963You Are Right! Electromatic Answer Gameelectric

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 257