Publisher and Game Information

U. S. Playing Card Co. (34 games) · P-1586
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-22361 Addition and Subtraction
G-22362 1908Astrological Fate CardsNo. 72card gamerules-1
G-22363 Astronomy1131
G-22364 Authors1119card game, authors
G-22365 1899Birds1127
G-22366 1906Buster Brown and his Dog Tige
G-22367 1906Card Dominoescard game
G-22368 Constructive Geometry
G-22369 Domestic Animals
G-22370© 1897Famous Paintings1117rules-1
G-22371© 1906Game of Five Hundredrules-1
G-22372 Flags1111
G-22373 Flowers1126
G-22374 1918French Educational Game
G-22375© 1907Gaigelrules-1
G-22376 Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cardscard gamerules-1
G-29084 1989Headlinesimage-1
G-22377 In the White House1115
G-22378 1923Man Chu
G-22379 Multiplication and Division
G-22380 New Testament Game1124
G-22381© 1904Nile Fortune Cards68card gamerules-1
G-22382 Our National Life
G-22385about 1930Po-Ke-No1 trademark
G-22383 1898Poems1123
G-22386 1896Poker Dice
G-22387≤1938PokeretteLewis Smith (inventor)
G-22388 1918Revelation: Fortune Telling Game
G-22389 Spotter Cards Gamecard game
G-34126© 1923Teuila Fortune Telling Cardscard gamerules-1
G-22390 1905U.S. Card Dominoesrules-1
G-22391© 1903Wild Animalsrules-1
G-22392 Yellowstone1122

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 34