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United Games Co. (14 games) · P-1592
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-22347Authorscard game, authors
G-22348Curly Locksrules-1
G-22349Dr. Busby, The Good Old Game of
G-22351Frog Who Would A-Wooing Go, The
G-22352©1914Hearts Dicerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-22353Here's How
G-223541914Little Soldier, The
G-22355Mistress Maryrules-1
G-34266Mother Hubbard
G-22356Peter Coddles Visit to New York
G-22357©1916Rummy, with: Coronado; Despised Nines; Doolittle; Foozle; Hoodoo; Jaimy; Moose-head; Numero; Parquet; Qua-tro; Sachem; Ups and Downsrules-1
G-34267Sailor Boy
G-22358©1916World's Series Baseball Game1 copyright

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 14