Publisher and Game Information

W. & S. B. Ives (27 games) · P-1611
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-85021844American Eagle, The National Game of
G-9341©1843Characteristics, An Original Gamerules-1
G-85031853Christmas Game of the Months
G-8519~1851Circles, The Game ofrules-1
G-8505~1845Comical Converse and Amusing Pastime
G-8492~1855Dissected Pictures Colored for the Little Ones
G-8507©1843Dr. Busby, Game ofrules-1
G-85081843Dr. Busby, Improved and Illustrated
G-85091844Flags of the Nations
G-85101857French Puzzle Brain
G-8511~1845Fusby Cardscard game
G-85121845Heroes, Game of
G-85131846Mahomet & Saladin (Battle of Palestine)
G-8514©1843Mansion of Happinessrules-1
G-85151844Master Rodbury and His Pupils
G-8516~1846Menagerie, or Game of Beasts
G-8517~1850Merelles, or Nine Men's Morris
G-8518Old Fusby
G-84781844Pope and Pagan
G-84761850Reward of Virtue
G-85041845Scripture History
G-8466~1846Seven Racers, The Holiday Puzzle
G-8467Spanish Fairy Tale Game
G-8468©1845States, with Who'll Be Presidentrules-1
G-8469~1850Tivoli, The Game of
G-8470©1852Uncle Tom's Cabinrules-1
G-84711848Yankee Trader, or What Do You Buy, by Dr. Busby

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 27