Publisher and Game Information

W. H. Schaper Mfg. Co. (94 games) · P-1622
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-28052 1974Air Traffic Controller
G-28053 1968Ants in the Pants
G-30315© 1969Ants in the Pants Game404tiddlywinks
G-28055 1960sBango Bango
G-28056 Billy Goat
G-28054 1957Black Ball Express
G-28057 Button Factory
G-28058 1974Casper the Friendly Ghost
G-28063 1964Cat and Mouse
G-28059 1974Cat in the Bag
G-28060 1957Chicken
G-28061 1967Clean Sweep
G-21590 1949Cootie
G-28066 1966Cootie House
G-28065 1952Cootie, Deluxe 6
G-28064 1949Cootie, Giant
G-28062 Corral
G-28071 Don't Blow Your Top
G-28067 1967Don't Break the Ice
G-28069 1971Don't Cook Your Goose
G-28070 1971Don't Go Overboard
G-34400 1980Don't Miss the Boatmarbles
G-28068 1967Don't Spill the Beans
G-28073 1974Down the Drain
G-28072 1955Dunce
G-32260 1964Guess-N-Bee
G-31045 Have a Heart
G-28074 1968Hop * Popimage-1
G-28077 Horse Play
G-28075 1968Huff 'N Puff
G-28076 Humpty Dumpty
G-28078 1955I'm George Gobel
G-28079 Inch Worm
G-28082 1975Jack and Jill
G-28081 Jack and the Beanstalk
G-28080 1974Jack Be Nimble
G-28083 1974Jenga
G-28085 1965Kick Back
G-30288© 1957The Game of King of the Hill103tiddlywinks
G-28084 1964King of the Hill
G-28086 1956L'il Sticker
G-28119 1966The Last Straw
G-31046 Letter Pile
G-28087 London Bridge
G-31047 Magnetic Car Race
G-28092 Magnetic MailMail
G-28091 1954Mill
G-28088 1972Money Card
G-28090 1965Monkeys and Coconuts
G-28089 1970Moon Blast-Off
G-28093 1964Nibbles & Bites
G-28094 1970sOptile
G-31048 Peek-a-boo
G-28100 Penny Pincher
G-21591 1955Pickin'rules-1
G-28095 1964Pig in the Garden
G-28099 Puck Luck Hockey
G-28098 1968Pull the Rug Out
G-30950 1956Put and Take203
G-28097 1956Put and Take - The Kittylink-1
G-28096 1959Puzzling Pyramid
G-31049 Roll-away Derby
G-28101 Rub-A-Dub Dub
G-28102 Rumpus Room
G-28104 1952Scarecrowrules-1
G-21592 Shake
G-28105 1955Shake Bingo
G-28103 Shake-A-Leg
G-28107 1962Shifty Gear Game260
G-28108 1953Skunk
G-28112 Sok-O
G-28111 Sombrero
G-28109 1954Squares
G-28110 1952Stadium Checkers
G-28106 1958Stagecoach
G-28122 Teed-Off
G-28113 1966Thing Ding Robot Game
G-28114 1959Tickle Bee
G-29955© 1955Tiddle . Tac . Toe101dark brown background, rectangular boxtiddlywinks
G-30386© 1955Tiddle . Tac . Toe101dark brown background, square boxtiddlywinks
G-30502© 1955Tiddle . Tac . Toe201dark pink background, title in white and orangetiddlywinks
G-30105© 1976Tiddle Tac Toe201blue background, title in yellowtiddlywinks
G-28117 1964Tilt Score
G-28121 Tippy Teepee
G-31050 Toll Car
G-31051 Tub-a-Dub
G-36265 1955Tumble Bug
G-28115 1966Tumble Bug
G-28116 1962Turtle
G-28118 1964Twizzle
G-28123 1967Voodoo Doll
G-28124 1966Whirly Bird
G-28125 1966Who You
G-28126 1971Wing It

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 94