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Whitman Publishing Co. (313 games) · P-1677
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-30320 tiddlywinks
G-29293 1960101 Dalmatians
G-22631© 193116 Ready to Play Games (including: Air Plane Race; Anagram-Checkers; Call Your Shots; Corners Count; Dash to the Pole; Dial-A-While Radio Game; Fly to Safety; Hollywood Stars; Hop-Circle; Jump-Along; King Cole; Obstacle Race; Pirate Pursuit; Racing Snails; Step Two; Tennis)955anagramsrules-1 · W. P. and B. Keasbey (designers and artists)
G-22646 193522 Pictured Party Stunts
G-24439© 19393 Marble Games3910strategy
G-29525 19684 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Card Gamesimage-1
G-29529 19684 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Card Games
G-22629 193572 Pictured Party Stunts1 copyright
G-22530© 1935All Star Basketball Game2178
G-22531© 1934All Star Comics Card Game3072card gamerules-1
G-29241 1970sAmazing Chan and the Chan Clan
G-22533 Animal Rummy Card Gamecard game
G-32210 1969The Archie Gameimage-1
G-29243 1968Art Linkletter's House Party
G-29244 1954Art Linkletter's People Are Funny
G-29245 1975Auction
G-22534≤1935The Game of Authors3010card game, authorsrules-1
G-29251 1961Babes in Toyland
G-32211 1980Barbie Gameimage-1
G-22536 1943Baseball Game for Girls & Boys
G-22537 1943Basketball Game for Boys & Girls
G-22538 1940sThe Game of Battle Stations
G-22539 1940Battleship Game
G-29249 1971Bedknobs and Broomsticks
G-22540 1933Big League Baseball Card Gamecard game
G-36901 Big League Baseball Gameboard gameA. L. Gustafson
G-30004© 1935Big League Baseball Game played with Tiddledy Winks3052tiddlywinksA. L. Gustafson
G-30986 BINGO for Young and Old4634
G-22542≤1935Bird Picture Lottolotto
G-29246 1979Black Hole - Space Alert
G-29254 1979Black Hole - Voyage of Fear
G-22543© 1941Blondie3081rules-1
G-29253 1969Blow Your Cool
G-29252 1973The Brady Bunch
G-22544≤1935Bridge Dice3032rules-1
G-36908© 1938Bridge-O-Reno the New Bingo Gamebingo
G-23770© 1939The Game of Bringing Home the Bacon
G-29641© 1940Buffalo Bill3965board
G-29248 1968Bug-A-Boo
G-29247 1977Bugs Bunny Hideoutcartoon
G-30443 Bull's Eye Tiddledy Winks4106tiddlywinks
G-30318 Bull's Eye Tiddledy WinksW2014tiddlywinks
G-30099 1930sBull's Eye Tiddly Winks2947tiddlywinks
G-30071 Bulls Eye Tiddly Winks2947tiddlywinks
G-29250 1971Bullwinkle's Supermarketcartoon
G-22545 1950Canasta
G-34268© 1938Cap the Hat2912
G-29264 1975Casino Vegas
G-22546~ 1940Cat and Witch
G-29256 1954Catchword
G-29257 1972Charge-It
G-22547© 1939Charlie Chan3079rules-1
G-24402© 1938Charlie McCarthy's Flying Hats2902
G-22626© 1938Charlie McCarthy's Rummy Game3931card gameMcCarthy Incorporated
G-22548≤1935Checkers and Backgammon
G-36934© 1966Chinese Checkers1966 copyright; cover has red backgroundChinese checkers
G-36933 1974Chinese Checkers1974 date; white backgroundChinese checkers
G-29258 1968Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Switchboard
G-29255 1981Clash of the Titans
G-29260 1960Clown Capers
G-29261 1968Clunk-A-Glunk
G-22549≤1935Combination Board
G-29263 1979Conquer
G-22550 1939Conundrums, One Thousand
G-22551© 1938Corner the Market5015rules-1
G-29259 1953Corner the Market: Buy and Sell
G-22552~ 1935Cowboys and Indians, with Junior Golf
G-22553≤1935Cracker Jack Tiddledy Winks
G-30534 Cracker-Jack Tiddledy WinksW 3028tiddlywinks
G-30016≤1935Cracker-Jack Tiddledy WinksW 3028tiddlywinks
G-22554 Crazy Eights
G-36430 Crazy Eights Card Gamecard game
G-29262 1975Creature Castle
G-29265 1968Dark Shadowsimage-1
G-30041© 1961Dennis the Menace Tiddly Winks4635tiddlywinks
G-24434© 1939Derby Bingo3915bingoArbo (cover design)
G-22555≤1935Dick Tracy Detective Game
G-22556© 1934Dick Tracy Playing Card Game3071card gamerules-1
G-29582© 1941Dick Tracy, The Super Detective3083card gameChester Gould cartoonist)
G-23886© 1938Diplomacy1 copyright
G-22557© 1942Dive Bomberrules-1
G-29660 1979Walt Disney's Donald Duck Big Game Box
G-29268 1972Donald Duck's Haunted House
G-22558© 1941Donald Duck, Walt Disney's
G-22559≤1935Donkey Game
G-36964 Donkey Party3015Black outer background; donkey is dark gray in a white rectangle with light blue serrated edges; 2 boys and 2 girlspin the tail
G-36965 Donkey Party and Two Other Games4108Yellow background at top; light blue background at bottom; donkey has white and orange headband; 2 boys and 2 girlspin the tail
G-22560 1941Donkey Party and Two Other Games4108Red background on cover; donkey has light blue noseband; blindfolded boy at right is holding tail the tail
G-22561 1941Donkey Ring Toss3044rules-1
G-22562 1941Double Troublerules-1
G-29267 1968Double Trouble Super Puzzle Game
G-29269 1970Downfall
G-29266 1976Dudley Do-Right Finds Snidelycartoon
G-22563 Eight Mystic Card TricksW3037card game
G-22564 1937ESP Cardscard gameDuke University (developer)
G-29274 1961Fame and Fortune
G-29275 1971Family Affair
G-29270 1977Fast Golf
G-29277 1950sFeed the Animals
G-22565© 1938Ferdinand the Bull3905rules-1
G-29276 1985Five Straight
G-29272 1962Flintstones Big Game Hunt
G-29273 1962Flintstones Brake Ball Game
G-29278 1962Flintstones Cut-Up Game
G-22566 1938Flying Hats, Charlie McCarthy's
G-22567~ 1930sFlying Jack3953
G-22568© 1940Fortune Telling Cardscard gamerules-1
G-22569© 1931Fortune Telling Game30131 copyright
G-22570≤1935Fourteen Game Board
G-22571 1931Fox & Geese3043
G-29271 1981Fox and Hound
G-29607 1961Fun Fair Game
G-22574~ 1935G-Men Clue Games
G-22572© 1938Game Chest, including: Baa Baa Billy Goat; Bang! Bang!; Baseball; Bullseye; Call Your Shots; Checkers; Climb the Mountain; Come and Go; Corner Checkers; Cover-Up; Double or Nothing; Fox and Geese; Game of the States; Goban; Help Yourself; Hideout; Hoppity-Scoot; Hunter's Luck; Jumping Ji-mi-ny; Keep Off the Grass; Leap Frog; Lucky Drop; Luckyrules-1
G-22573 1939Gang Busters Game
G-24363© 1938Gang Hunt Games (No. 1, 2, 3)3930
G-29279 1970sGoofy Finds His Marbles
G-29280 1970sGoofy's Mad Maze
G-29281 1971Goofy's Tricky Tippy Balance
G-22575 1937Grand National: A Sweepstakes Game of Chancerules-1
G-22576~ 1931The Game of Grand Slam
G-29282 1982Greed
G-29284 1962Happy Landing
G-22577≤1935Here Comes Jumbo
G-29287 1969Hey Hey Witch Wayimage-1
G-29289 1960Hi-Ho Cherry-O
G-29290 1962Hi-Ho Santa Claus
G-29291 1965Hide-N-Thief
G-22578 1937The Game of Hitch Hiker
G-29288 1975Hock Shopimage-1
G-22579 1937Hollywood Movie Bingo
G-29285 1967Hollywood Squaresgame show
G-29286 1955Game of Hollywood Stars
G-29283 1982Hot Wheels
G-22580 1937How Good Are You
G-29292 1969Humor Rumor
G-22581 Game of India3042rules-1
G-29294 1953Ink-A-Doo
G-22582 1937Inspector Wade of Scotland Yard
G-29295 1970Jackpot Playoff
G-22583© 1940Jingle Quiz3966rules-1
G-32212 1955Junior Executiveimage-1
G-29612 1963Junior Executive
G-29297 1964Karzoom
G-29614 1955Kentucky Derbyplastic set
G-29296 1958Kentucky Derby
G-29615 1960Kentucky Derbyboard & dice game, long box
G-29616 1961Kentucky Derbylong aqua boxEarl Sherman (artist)
G-22585© 1938Kentucky Derby Racing Game3954with spinner1 copyright · 1 trademark
G-22586 1942Landing Force
G-22587 1949Lex-O-Grams
G-22588 Little America Antarctic Game
G-22625© 1935Little Orphan Annie Rummy Cards3077card gameHarold Gray (cartoonist)
G-22590≤1933Little Orphan Annie's Treasure Hunt
G-29645© 1934Lost Patrol (Game of the Desert)3075board
G-29299 1969Lucky Fisherman
G-30440 Lucky Shot4720tiddlywinks
G-22592 1935Lucky Shot3055rules-1
G-29298 1969Lucky Shot
G-30005 Lucky Shot with Tiddly Winks5369tiddlywinks
G-30006© 1961Walt Disney's Ludwig Von Drake Tiddly Winks4638tiddlywinks
G-22597≤1935Magnetic Fish Pondfish pond
G-22593 1939Mail Coach Game
G-29304 1964Mary Poppins
G-29300 1982Masters of the Universe Pop-Up Gamecartoon
G-36915© 1969Maze Crazeboard game
G-29303 1965Merry-Go-Round
G-22594≤1935Mickey Mouse
G-22595≤1935Mickey Mouse Card Housecard game
G-29302 1955The Mickey Mouse Club
G-36909 1979Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Jr. Rummy Royal
G-34138 Mickey Mouse Old Maid Cardscard gamerules-1
G-35119 Mickey Mouse TidleywinksIncludes stickers on cover for licensees and also "TIDLEYWINKS"tiddlywinks
G-29305 1960Money Game of Junior Executive
G-29301 1955Money, Money, Money
G-22596 Monkey Shinesrules-1
G-22598 1940Mother Goose Game3952
G-22599 1938Navigatorrules-1
G-29306 1979Obstruction
G-22600~ 1940Og, Son of Fire
G-22601 1940Oh Blondie!3019
G-22602© 1940Old Gypsy Fortune Cards3013card gamerules-1
G-22603© 1939Old Hogan's Goat
G-22604~ 1932Game of Old Maidrules-1
G-22605 1939One Thousand Conundrums
G-22606≤1935Orphan Annie Card Housecard game
G-22607 1930sOver the Top3911
G-22608© 1945Pachisi2930rules-1
G-29308 1964Paddle Rally
G-22609© 1939Parchesi, A Game of India2925
G-29307 1969Pay Cardsgame show
G-30008 Peter Pan Tiddledy Winks3035tiddlywinks
G-30007 Peter Pan Tiddledy WinksW-3035tiddlywinks
G-29309 1964Phalanx
G-34269© 1938Pin the Tail on Ferdinand the Bull3906
G-22610 1939Pinocchio, Walt Disney's
G-22611 1931Pirate's Cave & Wild West RodeoW3043
G-22612© 1939Pitfalls, A Pinocchio Marble Game, Walt Disney'srules-1
G-22613© 1937Pix! Pix! Pick Up Sticks!2188rules-1
G-22614© 1934Play Football
G-30133 Play Time Tiddledy WinksW3035tiddlywinks
G-29311 1960sPony Race
G-22615© 1934Popeye Card Game3070card gamerules-1
G-29659 1937Popeye Playing Card Game
G-29310 1977Popeye's Treasure Map
G-29312 1979Puzzle Loonies
G-22616© 1938Question & Answer Game, Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy
G-22617© 1939The Question Bee Game of Catch Questions3933card gamerules-1
G-29595© 1939The Question Bee Game of General Information3933card gamerules-1
G-29594© 1939The Question Bee Game of Interesting Facts3933card gamerules-1
G-22618© 1941Quiz Kids Radio Question Bee3020vertical rectangular boxcard gamerules-1 · link-1 · 1 copyright · Louis G. Cowan (originator of the Quiz Kids radio program)
G-36294© 1942New Quiz Kids Radio Question Bee, Set No. 23020vertical rectangular box; Set No. 2; NBC microphone on cover with woman, boy, woman, young mancard gameLouis G. Cowan (originator of the Quiz Kids radio program)
G-22619© 1945New Quiz Kids Radio Question Bee, Set No. 33020horizontal rectangular boxcard gamerules-1 · rules-2 · 1 copyright · Louis G. Cowan (originator of the Quiz Kids radio program)
G-22620 1938Radio Party, Charlie McCarthy
G-29314 1967Rainbow
G-22621≤1935Rainbow Cardscard game
G-22622© 1939The Red Ryder Target Game2914
G-29313 1958Regatta Boat Racing
G-34270~ 1935Ring the Bell2936
G-29315 1979Ripley's Believe It or Not
G-29318 1976Riverboat Showdown
G-29317 1960Road Race Game
G-29320 1982Road Runner Pop-Up
G-29316 1957Rodeo: The Wild West Game
G-22623 1932Rollette Fortune Telling & Party Stunts1 copyright
G-22627© 1937Rummy Royal3027
G-29319 1959Rummy Royal
G-29332 1966Sad Sam Target Ball Man
G-29326 1959Safari
G-29322 1982The Secret of Nyph
G-22628 The Game of Seven-Up, or Help Your Neighbor
G-29334 1980Sherlock Holmes - Game of Deduction and Suspense
G-29327 1957Shopping Center
G-29329 1969Silly Carnival
G-22632 1920sSnap Card Gamecard gamerules-1
G-29588© 1934Snap Quiz (Telling Tommy)6838card game
G-22633© 1954Snare5359rules-1
G-36841© 1980Walt Disney's Snow White Game4838; UPC 0 33500 04838 8no logoboard game
G-36842© 1980Walt Disney's Snow White Game4838; UPC 0 33500 04838 8"W - WHITMAN" logoboard game
G-29325 1979Space Alert
G-29331 1962Spider and Fly
G-22634© 1942Squadron Scramblerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-29333 1963Squirmy Wormy
G-22635© 1937Stampsrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-29321 1956Stock Car Racing Game
G-29323 1968The Stock Market Gameimage-1
G-22636© 1939Stop and Gorules-1
G-22637 1936Stratosphere
G-22638≤1935The Swing Game
G-29324 1976Switchboard
G-29328 1969Swoop
G-29339 1961Tally-Ho!
G-30541© 1962Teeter Flipstiddlywinks
G-22639© 1941Game of Telegrams3045
G-22640© 1934Telling Tommy3020rules-1
G-29650~ 1930sTerry and the Pirates
G-30582 Tiddledy Winks2015tiddlywinks
G-30216 Tiddledy Winks3035tiddlywinks
G-30009 Tiddledy winks3035tiddlywinks
G-30350 Tiddledy Winks3035tiddlywinks
G-30111 Tiddledy Winks3055tiddlywinks
G-22641≤1932Tiddledy Winks2016rules-1
G-30095≤1932Tiddledy Winks2016tiddlywinks
G-30110 Tiddledy Winks + Ten Pins2016tiddlywinks
G-30112 Tiddledy Winks 5 Games4455tiddlywinks
G-30163 Tiddledy Winks and Ten*Pin Games2016tiddlywinks
G-30365 Tiddledy Winks and Ten-Pen Games2016tiddlywinks
G-29335 1950sTiddly Winks
G-30101© 1958Tiddly Winks4402tiddlywinks
G-30010© 1970Tiddly Winkstiddlywinks
G-30230 Tiddly Winks and Lucky Shot4636tiddlywinks
G-30192© 1963Tiddly Winks for four players4402tiddlywinks
G-30677~ 1930sTidley Winkstiddlywinks
G-29643 1930sTiger Hunt - Jungle Game2090boardARBO (cover), Nell Stolp Smock (board designer)
G-22643 Tip Top Spin-Nit Game
G-29338 1962Top Cat
G-22644© 1938Topper, Charlie McCarthy Game ofrules-1
G-22645≤1935Toyland Ten Pins
G-29337 1981Tribulation
G-29340 1975Underdog to the Rescue
G-29341 Up-N-Down
G-22647~ 1940sVictory Bomber - A Target Game
G-29355 1978Wacky Wizard
G-29347 1970Walt Disney's Donald Duck Money Bags
G-29345 1972Walt Disney's Mad Tea Party
G-29348 1979Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Jr.
G-29349 1982Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Pop-Up
G-30011© 1963Walt Disney's Tiddly Winks4629tiddlywinks
G-29346 1961Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
G-29343 1965Walt Disney's Zorro
G-29351 1967What's Cooking
G-29342 1968What's My Line?game show
G-22648 1935What's the Answer?
G-29350 1970What's Up Doc?
G-22650© 1937Who Is the Thief?rules-1
G-29354 1967Whoops
G-22651 Win-A-Word5374
G-29640© 1940Wings of America3965board
G-22652~ 1940Winner Spinner2924
G-29352 1953Winner Spinner
G-23771© 1939The Game of the Wizard of Oz3936race board gamelink-1
G-22653 1935Wolf Hunt and The Race to Saturn
G-29353 1976Woody Woodpecker Moon Dash
G-22654© 1938The Game of Words3924rules-1
G-22655 1939Zig Zags, The Crazy Road Game
G-22656© 1931Zodiac Circle Playing Card Gamerules-1
G-22657© 1941Zoom3056rules-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 313