Publisher and Game Information

Wilder Manufacturing Co. (80 games) · P-1678
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-22662Ark Dominoes57
G-22663Authors44card game, authorsrules-1
G-22664≤1931Auto Race
G-22665≤1931Backgammon and Checkers
G-23772Balloon Game142
G-22666~1920sBaseball Game, Wilder's
G-22667≤1922Big Game Hunt, The
G-22669≤1922Bunnie Ring
G-22670©1923Buried Treasure
G-22673≤1921Clown Ring Toss170
G-22674≤1921Clown Toss38
G-22675≤1922Combination Board Games126, 128
G-22676~1922Construction Game125
G-22677≤1926Crows in Corn
G-22678≤1921Devil Dog Marine57
G-342711930sDisc Toss39
G-22679≤1922Factory Assembly
G-22680≤1931Fighting the Wolf Pack
G-22681≤1922Fish Pondfish pond
G-24218©1931Football Gameno. 2, no. 61 copyright
G-22682≤1928Football Game, Wilder's
G-22683~1929Fore Country Club Game of Golf
G-22684©1930Fore Game of Golf1261 copyright
G-22685≤1918Gawara Hunters Game
G-22686≤1927Hi-Fly Baseball Game
G-22687Hit and Run Baseball Game
G-22689≤1921Horse Shoe Game78
G-22691Indian Home
G-22690≤1920Indoor Horseshoe
G-22692≤1932Jack and the Beanstalk Bean Bag Game
G-22693≤1921Jack Board167
G-22694≤1921Jack Straws91
G-22695≤1931Jig-A-Roomp Frog Shooting Game
G-22696©1930Jolly Robbers1 copyright
G-22699≤1918Liberty War Game
G-31010Marketing74board game, race game
G-22701≤1917Mitchie Manitou Talking Board79
G-24348≤1917Mitchie Manitou Talking Board80
G-23883©1930Movie-Land Cut Ups1 copyright
G-22702©1929Movie-Land Keeno32311 copyright · A. J. Saxe
G-22703≤1921Mystic Hand47
G-22704≤1922Mystic Writinglink-1
G-22705≤1922Obstacle Race
G-22706≤1924Ocean to Ocean Flight Game25 (cover); 27 (board)board game, race game
G-22707≤1922Old Maid
G-22708≤1927Palm Beach Auto Race
G-22709Pop the Game
G-227101920sPop the Question
G-22711Post Office Game59rules-1
G-22712Punt Football Game69rules-1
G-22713≤1921Puzzle Pictures81
G-22714≤1927Radio Game
G-22715≤1931Ride a Cock Horse and Go Bang
G-227161914Soldier Boy86
G-22717≤1931Star Flight
G-295931920sStop Thiefcard game
G-227181922Store Management
G-34947Stork Tiddledy Winks Game160160 on left of logotiddlywinks
G-22719Stork Tiddledy Winks Game160160 on right of logotiddlywinks
G-227201930sThrowing the Bull
G-30286Tiddledy Winks45eagle logotiddlywinks
G-30068Tiddledy Winks45diamond logotiddlywinks
G-30249Tiddledy Winks Game57tiddlywinks
G-30012Tiddledy Winks Game75catalog no. 75; YLDR on eagle wingtiddlywinks
G-22721Tit Tat Toe49Nrules-1
G-30858Touchdown Football Game121tiddlywinks
G-22722~1920sTouchdown Football Game
G-22723~1920Toyland Railway Game
G-22725U.S. Puzzle Map
G-22726≤1931William Tell Shooting Game

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 80