Publisher and Game Information

Wolverine Supply & Manufacturing Co. (51 games) · P-1706
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-22756 1926Across the Channel
G-29515 Action Marble Game: Auto Race144bagatelle1 patent
G-24090 Aeroplane Race3411-inch
G-22757≤1923Aeroplane Race3016 1/2-inch
G-22758 1940Air Defense
G-23563 Arithmetic Quiz
G-29205 1950sAuto Race
G-22759 Coal Loader
G-22760 1910sCongo Bongo Marble Game
G-22761~ 1930sDart Ball
G-29206 1965Daytona 500
G-22762 1920sDeck Derby
G-22764 1923Gee Wiz Racing Game4015 1/2-inchrules-1
G-24087 Gee-Wiz Racing Game4129-inch
G-22765 1930Gym Horseshoes155
G-24088 Hoop-O-Loop156
G-23773 Hoop-O-Loop54
G-22766patented 1925Hoop-O-Loop, Sandy Andy
G-30253~ 1935Jingle Cupstiddlywinks
G-22767 Jungle Darts
G-22768 Kiddie Kampers66
G-29516 Lunar Landing Electric Pinball Game190bagatelle1 patent
G-34272 1930sMagic Auto Race
G-22769 Marble Bingo1 patent
G-22770≤1930Marble Marksman
G-22771 Midget Auto Race139
G-30934patented 13 January 1925Motor Race
G-24089 Motor Race Game (Sunny Andy Game)3311-inch
G-22772≤1924Motor Race Game (Sunny Andy Game)2916 1/2-inch
G-22773 Mystery Shooter
G-22774 1930Neck & Neck
G-22775≤1930Olympic Runners
G-22776~ 1930sPennant Winner157
G-22777≤1930Pitch 'Em154
G-22778≤1930Pitch 'Em Winks
G-30013 1929or 1930Pitch'em Winks152tiddlywinks
G-22779≤1932Quoits and Horseshoes
G-24086 Rabbit Chase150
G-22780 Rode-O-Ring
G-22781 1925Round the World Fliers
G-22782 Sandy Andy
G-30930 Shoot-a-Loop
G-22784≤1930Snap 'N Score
G-22785 1926Speed Boat Race
G-22786≤1930Spot Shot1 patent
G-22787 1924Strategy
G-22789≤1930Tipit Senior
G-22790 1920sTrap-A-Tank
G-22791≤1935Twin Spin

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 51