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Avalon Hill Co. (297 games) · P-177
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-24704 19741776bookshelf
G-24521 19861830bookshelfimage-1
G-24659 19681914
G-24730 2 Fleet
G-24749 3 Fleet
G-24750 5 Fleet
G-24731 6 Fleet
G-24732 7 Fleet
G-31075 1976Acquireimage-1 · Sid Sackson (designer)
G-24536 Across Five Aprils
G-24542 Advance Squad Leader
G-31076 1991Advanced Civilizationimage-1
G-24388 Advanced Squadron Leader
G-24537 Aegean Strike
G-24543 1964Afrika Korps
G-31077 1996Age of Renaissanceimage-1
G-24517 Air Assault on Cretebookshelf
G-24551 1961Air Empireimage-1
G-24549 1980Air Force
G-24544 1974Alexander the Great
G-24545 1980Alpha Omega
G-24538 Ambush
G-24546 1981Amoeba Warsimage-1
G-24550 1969Anzio
G-24547 1977Arab-Israeli Warsbookshelf
G-24535 1980Armor Supremacy
G-24540 Assassinbookshelf
G-31078 1998Atlantic Stormimage-1
G-24541 Attack Subbookshelf
G-24539 Auction
G-24548 1979Auto Racingimage-1
G-24391 Axis & Allies
G-24555 1983B-17bookshelf
G-24390 B17
G-24571 Banzaibookshelf
G-487© 1962Baseball Strategyrules-1 · image-1
G-31079 1973Baseball Strategyslipcase editionimage-1
G-24554 1974Baseball Strategybookshelf
G-24567 Basketball Strategy
G-24570 1983Battle for Italy
G-24552 Battle Hymn
G-24556 1966Battle of the Bulge
G-24557 1975Beat Inflationimage-1
G-24565 1975Beyond Valor
G-24558 1962Bismarck
G-31080 1998Bitter Woodsimage-1
G-31081 1974Black Magic Ritual Kitimage-1
G-24566 1982Black Spy
G-24568 1991Blackbeardimage-1
G-24569 1989Blind Justicebookshelfimage-1
G-24559 1965Blitzkrieg
G-24560 1979Book of Listbookshelf
G-24572 Box Cars
G-24553 Britannia
G-24562 1983Bull Run
G-24563 1981Bureaucracyimage-1
G-24564 1973Business Strategybookshelf
G-24518 1991By Hook or Crookbookshelf
G-24580 1969C&O/B&O the Game of Railroadingimage-1
G-24574 1976Caesar at Alesia
G-24585 1975Caesar's Legions
G-24583 1992Candidateimage-1
G-24592 1982Carrier
G-24573 Central America
G-24519 Challenge Football
G-24575 1961Chancellorsville
G-24578 Choice
G-24584 1980Circus Maximusimage-1
G-24581 1961Civil Warimage-1
G-24576 1982Civilizationbookshelf gameimage-1
G-31082 1982Civilization Western Expansion Mapimage-1
G-24520 1987Classic Statis-Pro Baseball
G-31083 1977Collectorimage-1
G-31084 1994Colonial Diplomacyimage-1
G-31105 1981Conquistadorimage-1
G-24577 1983Conquistador
G-24582 1979Crescendo of Doombookshelf
G-24579 1978Cross of Ironbookshelf game
G-24378 1961D-Day
G-31085 1985Dark Emperorimage-1
G-24599 1980Dauntlessbookshelf
G-24595 Decathlon
G-24587 1985Devil's Denrules-1
G-24598 1982Game of Dilemmas
G-24596 1987Dinosaurs of the Lost Worldimage-1
G-24381 1961Diplomacy
G-24594 1958Dispatcher
G-31086 1961Dispatcherimage-1
G-24589 1981Down with the Kingimage-1
G-24597 1983, 1984Dragon Pass
G-24590 1982Dragonhuntbookshelfimage-1
G-24593 1982Drinkers Wild
G-24591 1979Duneworm coverbookshelfimage-1
G-24600 1983Elric
G-24601 1988Enemy in Sightbookshelf
G-24609 1984Firepowerbookshelf
G-24602 1980Flat Top
G-24608 Flight Leader
G-24603 1960Football Strategy
G-31087 1962Football Strategyimage-1
G-31088 1972Football Strategyslipcase editionimage-1
G-24522 1979Foreign Exchangebookshelf
G-24604 1980Fortress Europa
G-24605 1972France 1940bookshelf
G-24606 1983Frederick the Great
G-24607 1983Freedom in the Galaxy
G-24610 1980Fury in the West
G-24618 Gangstersbookshelf
G-24623 Geronimo
G-24615 1960Gettysburg
G-24375 1964Gettysburgimage-1
G-24621 1982GI Anvil of Victorybookshelf
G-24616 1981Gladiatorimage-1
G-31089 1996Global Survival (second edition)image-1
G-24617 1981Gold
G-24611 Game of Good Cooking
G-24612 1986Greedimage-1
G-24622 1966Guadalcanal
G-24613 1994Guerillaimage-1
G-24614 Gulf Strike
G-24624 Gung Hobookshelf
G-24619 1981Guns of August
G-24620 1982Gunslingerimage-1
G-24625 Hell's Highway
G-24630 Here Come the Rebels (Civil War Series)
G-24627 1980Hexagonybookshelf
G-24632 1993History of the Worldimage-1
G-24626 1984Hitler's Warbookshelf
G-24523 1984Horn of Roland
G-24631 1983Hundred Days Battle
G-24524 IDF (Israel Defence)bookshelf
G-31090 1979Imageimage-1
G-24629 Inventions
G-24628 1979Iternbookshelf
G-24635 James Bond Basic Set
G-24634 1968Journeys of St. Paulimage-1
G-24633 1967Jutland
G-31091 1962JZimage-1
G-24641 Kampegruppe
G-24638 1976Kingmakerbookshelf
G-24640 Knights of the Airbookshelf
G-24636 The Korean War
G-24639 1988Kremlinbookshelf
G-24637 1970Kriegsrielbookshelf
G-24642 1961Le Mansimage-1
G-24647 Lee vs. Grant
G-31092 1982Legend of Robin Hoodimage-1
G-31093 1991Legends of Robin Hoodimage-1
G-24644 1982Little Round Tripbookshelf
G-24645 1979The Longest Day
G-24646 1983Lords of Creation
G-24643 1974Luftwaffebookshelf
G-24662 M.B.T. (Main Battle Tank)
G-24649 1980Machiavelli
G-24651 1979Magic Realmbookshelf
G-31094 1986Magic Realm (2nd edition)image-1
G-24652 1960, 1961Managementimage-1
G-24655 1990March Madness
G-24525 March to Oblivion
G-31095 1989Merchant of Venusimage-1
G-24377 Midway
G-24650 1964Midway
G-31096 1998Monsters Ravage Americaimage-1
G-24653 1981Moonstar
G-24648 Mosby's Raiders
G-24654 1980Mystic Wood
G-31106 1982Mystic Woodimage-1
G-24657 1977Napoleonbookshelf
G-24656 NATO
G-24658 1980Naval Warbookshelf
G-31107 1983Naval Warbookshelfimage-1
G-24660 1990New Worldbookshelfimage-1
G-24661 1961Nieuchessimage-1
G-24667 1985O D
G-24526 Objective Atlanta
G-24663 Omaha Beachheadbookshelf
G-24527 1984Omegakron
G-24664 Open Fire
G-24665 1971Origin of W.W. IIbookshelf
G-24666 1972, 1973Outdoor Survivalbookshelfimage-1
G-24668 Pacific War
G-24528 1982Panzer Armee Afrika
G-24386 Panzer Blitz
G-24673 Panzer Drieggs, Legends of
G-24672 1974Panzer Leaderbookshelf
G-24674 1970Panzerblitzbookshelf
G-24682 1986Paratrooper
G-24684 Partisan
G-24678 1988Past Livesimage-1
G-24683 Patton's Best
G-24685 Pax Britannica
G-24669 1973Paydirt
G-24670 Peloponnesion War
G-24680 Perplexus
G-24679 1982Peter Principle
G-24671 Pinemelon
G-24675 1986Platoon
G-24676 1983Power & Perils
G-31097 1997Princess Ryan's Star Marinesimage-1
G-24677 1982Pro Golf
G-24681 1983Pro Tennis
G-24686 1987Quest for the Ideal Mateimage-1
G-24695 Raid on Gettysburg: Civil War Series
G-24389 1987Raid on St. Nazaire
G-24690 1977Rail Baronbookshelf
G-31108 1981Rail Baronbookshelfimage-1
G-24687 Regattabookshelf
G-24697 Republic of Romebookshelf
G-24691 1972Richtofens Warbookshelf
G-24692 1974Rise and Decline of the 3rd Reich
G-24693 1993Road Killbookshelfimage-1
G-24688 1982Robin Hoodbookshelf
G-24689 1976Russian Campaign
G-24696 Russian Front
G-24561 1978S. I. Bowl Boundbookshelf
G-24529 S. I. Pro Basketball
G-24530 S. I. Pro Football
G-24703 1980Samurai
G-24698 Sea Quest
G-24724 Serge of Jerusalem
G-24699 Sexual Q & A
G-24705 1966Shakespearebookshelfimage-1
G-24700 Shell Shock
G-24726 1990Show Biz
G-24706 1982Slapshopbookshelf
G-24725 1982Smokers Wide
G-24707 1979Source of the Nilebookshelfimage-1
G-24729 1980Source of the Nile
G-24719 1971Speed Circuitbookshelf
G-31098 1984Spice Harvestimage-1
G-24722 1988Spices of the Worldimage-1
G-24718 1981Sports Illustrated Basketball
G-24717 1983Sports Illustrated Pennant Race
G-24708 1977Squad Leaderbookshelf
G-24709 1965Squanderboardimage-1
G-24710 1963Stalingrad
G-24701 Stang
G-24711 1976Starship Troopersbookshelfimage-1
G-24379 1997Starship Troopersmovie editionimage-1
G-24702 1989Statis-Pro Great Teams Baseballimage-1
G-24712 1979Statis-Pro Major League Baseball (1978 season)image-1
G-24531 1980Statis-Pro N.B.A. Basketball
G-24723 1984Stellar Conquestimage-1
G-24713 1970Stock Marketbookshelf
G-24728 Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley (Civil War Series)
G-24727 Stonewall Jackson's Way (Civil War Series)
G-24714 1981Storm Over Arnheim
G-24721 1981The Struggle of the Nations
G-24715 1970Submarine
G-24716 1977Submarine
G-31099 1997Successorsimage-1
G-24720 1978Superstar Baseball! (B. B. on cover)image-1
G-24742 1987T.V. Warsbookshelf
G-24532 Tac Airbookshelf
G-24373 1954Tactics
G-31100 1983Tactics 25th Anniversary Editionimage-1
G-24374 1961Tactics II
G-24744 Tales from the Floating Vagabondbookshelf
G-24737 1986The Third Reichbookshelf
G-24533 Thunder at Cassinobookshelf
G-24746 1982Titanbookshelfimage-1
G-31101 1997Titan the Arenaimage-1
G-24741 1979Title Boutbookshelfimage-1
G-24738 1975Tobrukbookshelf
G-24733 Tokyo Express
G-24748 1980Tripples
G-24747 1980Triremeimage-1
G-24745 1981Trivia
G-24739 1965Tufbookshelf
G-24740 1969Tuf-A-Betbookshelf
G-24734 1989Turning Point Stalingrad
G-24735 Tycoon
G-24743 1992Tyranno Eximage-1
G-24751 1959U-Boat (1st Printing)image-1
G-24753 1979UFObookshelf
G-24754 1985Under Fire
G-24752 1983Up Front
G-24755 1980USAC Auto Racing
G-31102 1959Verdictimage-1
G-24757 1961Verdict IIimage-1
G-24758 1977Victory in the Pacific
G-24756 Vietnam
G-24767 1980War and Peacebookshelf
G-24759 1970War at Sea
G-24534 1981War at Sea II
G-24760 1962Waterloobookshelf
G-24765 1993We the Peopleimage-1
G-31103 1993Where's George (from the Floating Vagabond)image-1
G-24761 1977Win Place Show
G-31104 1974Witchcraft Ritual Kitimage-1
G-24762 1979Wizard's Questbookshelfimage-1
G-24766 1975Wooden Ships and Iron Men
G-24763 1982Word Powerbookshelf
G-24764 Wrasslin
G-24770 1968Year of the Lordboardimage-1
G-24768 1985Yellowstonebookshelfimage-1
G-24769 1984The Yeti Sanction

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 297