Publisher and Game Information

Waddington's House of Games (38 games) · P-1848
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-32170 1973Game of Nationsimage-1
G-29526 19724000 A.D. / L'An 4000image-1
G-32153 1982African Starimage-1
G-32162 1970Air Charterimage-1
G-32163© 1964The Battle of the Little Big Hornboard gameimage-1
G-32164 1969Blast-Off!image-1
G-32154 1971Campaign
G-34129© 1949The Intriguing New Game of Cluerules-1
G-32165 1993Cluedo (magnetic)image-1
G-32166 1992Dark Worldimage-1
G-32167 1993Dark World Dragon's Gateimage-1
G-32168 1993Dark World Village of Fearimage-1
G-32155 1978Draculaimage-1
G-32169 1986Escape From Atlantisimage-1
G-32156 1977Flash Gordonimage-1
G-30883© 1973Football Game, Waddingtons362tiddlywinks
G-32171 1961Go, the International Travel Gameimage-1
G-30078© 1973Golf Winks416tiddlywinks
G-30077© 1973Golf Winks418tiddlywinks
G-32172 1986Grade Up To Elite Cowimage-1
G-34130 Grandfather's Whiskersrules-1
G-32173 1985Lost Valley of the Dinosaursimage-1
G-32174 1980Man in Black Game, Cadbury's Milk Trayimage-1
G-32175 1965Mine a Millionimage-1
G-32157 1973Project CIA the Secret Formulaimage-1 image-2
G-32158 1973Project KGB the Double Agentimage-1
G-32159 1973Project KGB the Secret Formula (original edition)image-1
G-32176 1963Railroaderimage-1
G-32160 1973Rat Raceimage-1
G-32177 1986Scoopimage-1
G-32178 1965Spy Ringimage-1
G-32161 1974Super KGBimage-1
G-30480© 1965Table Soccer, Waddington's(none)tiddlywinks
G-30308© 1974Table Soccer, Waddington's415tiddlywinks
G-30816© 1970Tiddley-Peggo433tiddlywinks
G-24371 1939Totopoly
G-32179 19??Whotimage-1
G-32180 1985Yuppie Gameimage-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 38