Publisher and Game Information

Games Workshop (49 games) · P-2199
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-26141 1980Apocalypseimage-1
G-31379 1984Battlebikesimage-1
G-31378 1983Battlecarsimage-1
G-31408 1987Block Maniaimage-1
G-26142 1986Blood Bowl (1st edition)image-1
G-31400 1987Blood Royaleimage-1
G-31398 1983Calamity!image-1
G-31381 1987Chaos Maraudersimage-1
G-31376 1988Curse of the Mummy's Tombimage-1
G-31377 1988Dark Futureimage-1
G-26143 1980Doctor Whoimage-1
G-31409 1991Dragon Mastersimage-1
G-26144 1987Dungeonquestimage-1
G-31410 1988Dungeonquest Catacombs expansionimage-1
G-31412 1988Dungeonquest Heroes expansionimage-1
G-31411 1987Fury of Draculaimage-1
G-26146 1980Gold Line Stand
G-26145 1984Golden Heros
G-31414 19??Grapevineimage-1
G-31380 1989Hungry Troll and the Gobbosimage-1
G-31402 1982Judge Dreddimage-1
G-31399 1986Kings and Thingsimage-1
G-31396 2001Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ringimage-1
G-31389 1987Mega Maniaimage-1
G-31413 1985Middle Earthimage-1
G-31397 1989Oi! Dat's My Leg!image-1
G-31394 1980Quirksimage-1
G-26147 1985Railway Rivalsimage-1
G-31383 1989Squelch!image-1
G-31407 1986Superpowerimage-1
G-31387 1983Talisman (1st edition)image-1
G-31401 1985Talisman (2nd edition)image-1
G-31384 1994Talisman (3rd edition)image-1
G-31385 1986Talisman Adventureimage-1
G-31386 1989Talisman Cityimage-1
G-31395 1994Talisman City of Adventure (3rd edition)image-1
G-31388 1995Talisman Dragon's Tower (3rd edition)image-1
G-31382 1993Talisman Dragonsimage-1
G-31390 1987Talisman Dungeonimage-1
G-31391 1994Talisman Dungeon of Doom (3rd edition)image-1
G-31392 1985Talisman Expansion Setimage-1
G-31393 1988Talisman Timescapeimage-1
G-26148 1985Talisman: The Magical Quest
G-31406 1989Trolls in the Pantryimage-1
G-31405 1980Valley of the Four Windsimage-1
G-31404 1995Warhammer Questimage-1
G-31403 1980Warlockimage-1
G-26149 1986Warlock of Firetop Mountainimage-1
G-26150 1985Warrior Knightsimage-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 49