Publisher and Game Information

Mattel Inc. (76 games) · P-2411
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-27163 1964Animal Talk
G-27164 1968Bandersnatch
G-27165 1985Barbie Charms the World
G-27167 1970Barbie Miss Lively Living
G-27168 1960Barbie Queen of the Prom
G-27166 1963Barbie's Keys to Fame
G-27169 1960Barbie's World of Fashion
G-27170 1964Bats in the Belfry
G-27172 1961Beany and Cecil Match-It Tile
G-27171 1970Big Thumb
G-27174 1970Blarney
G-27173 1970Boundary
G-27176 1986Cathedral
G-27175 1962Chatty Cathy Game
G-27177 1986Commercial Crazies
G-27178 1960sCut-Up Shopping Spree
G-31617 1981Dallasimage-1
G-34077 Disney Cube Puzzlerules-1
G-27179 1976Donnie and Marie
G-27180 1967Dr. Dolittle
G-31619 1980Dungeons and Dragons Computer Labyrinth Gameimage-1
G-27181 1980Electronic Dungeons and Dragons
G-27182 1977Electronic Talking Monday Night Football
G-27184 1970Fast Eddie
G-27183 1969Finger Dinger Man
G-27185 1964Flea Circus
G-27186 1962Flip Flop Go
G-27187 1965Flipper Flips
G-27188 1967Gentle Ben's Animal Hunt
G-27189 1978Godzillacartoon
G-27190 1964Happy, Happy Birthday
G-27191 1973Hawaiian Punch
G-27192 1960High Gear
G-31612 1962High Gearimage-1
G-27193 1986The Honeymooner's VCR Game
G-27194 1968Hot Wheels Wipe Out Game
G-31613 1993Inklingsimage-1
G-27195 1973Jonathan Livingston Seagull
G-27196 1962Jumpin' D.J.
G-32281 1985Larry Hagman Presents Flip Out
G-27197 1960Lie Detectorimage-1
G-27201 1961Magnetel
G-27204 1967Major Matt Mason Space Exploration
G-27198 1983Masters of the Universecartoon
G-27199 1986Masters of the Universe - Battle for Eternitycartoon
G-27200 1985Masters of the Universe - Snake Mountain Rescuecartoon
G-27202 1961Match-It
G-27203© 1963Merv Griffin's Word for Word Game by Mattel5412
G-27205 1969Mirror Mania
G-27206 1962Musingo
G-27207 1961Pop-Za-Ball
G-27208 1986Predicaments
G-27209 1985Princess of Power
G-27210 1969Ring Around the Noisey
G-27211 1967Scr-Unch
G-31620 1992Scrutineyesimage-1
G-27214 1985Shape Chomper
G-27212 1969Shoefly Pie
G-27213 1964Skipper
G-27215 1974Slick Shooter Penny Arcade
G-27216 1977Slime Monster
G-27217 1971Slip Discelectronic
G-27218 1964Smack-A-Roo
G-27219 1961Sonar Sub Huntelectronic
G-27220 1968Spring Chicken
G-27222 1965Sprint Drag Race
G-27221 1964Spy Detector
G-31618 2000Survivorimage-1
G-27223 1961Talk to Cecil
G-27224 1971Talking Baseballimage-1
G-27225 1971Talking Footballimage-1
G-31614 1977Talking Monday Night Footballimage-1
G-27226 1967Tight Squeeze
G-31615 1969Turning Pointimage-1
G-31616 1999Uno Star Trek Editionimage-1
G-27227 1978World War

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 76