Publisher and Game Information

Remco Industries (37 games) · P-2579
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-31894 1977Caviarimage-1
G-28005 1968Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Electric Movie Quiz
G-28006 1958Double or Nothing
G-34102 The Electric Maze Gamerules-1 · 1 patent
G-28007 1961Electric Tipsy Tower
G-28008 1968Family Affair
G-28010 1961Fascination
G-28011 1962Fascination Checkers
G-28012 1962Fascination Pool
G-28009 1958Flap Jacks
G-28019 1967Gentle Ben Electric Quiz
G-28013 1958Giant Wheel Cowboys & Indians
G-28014 1960Giant Wheel Hot Rod
G-28015 Giant Wheel Old Maid
G-28016 1959Giant Wheel Picture Bingo
G-28017 1960Giant Wheel Speed Boat
G-28018 1958Giant Wheel Thrills & Spills Horse Race
G-28020 1968Hawaii Five-O
G-28021 1965Heidi's Elevator Game
G-28022 1961Hippopotamus
G-28023 1959Hot Potato
G-28024 1965Hullabaloo Electric Teen Game
G-28025 1959Johnny on the Pony
G-28026 1968Journey to the Unknown
G-28027 Kick the Can
G-28029 1968Lancer
G-28028 1966Lost in Space 3-D
G-28031 1975Magic Magic Magic
G-28032 1961Melvin the Moon Man
G-28030 1968The Mod Squad
G-28033 1968Nature Electric Quiz
G-28034 1960Notch
G-28035 1959Pinhead
G-28036 1965Shindig
G-28037 1959Shmo
G-28038 1969That Girl
G-28039 1969Trip Trap

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 37