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Cadaco-Ellis, Inc. (205 games) · P-306
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-25538 1988Adverteasingimage-1
G-25539 1989Adverteasing Junior
G-25535 1969All American Football Gameimage-1
G-25536 1953All Star Baseball
G-31194 1962All Star Baseballimage-1
G-31192 1968All Star Baseballimage-1
G-1602 1942All Star Baseball Game
G-1603© 1969All-American Football228
G-31195 1989All-Star Baseball image-1
G-31203 1989All-Star Baseball image-1
G-36139 1961All-Star Baseball Game
G-1604© 1945American Derby
G-25537 1951American Derby
G-36959© 1955Bas-ket1651955 copyright; mostly red cover with some horizontal and vertical white, brown, and black stripes; two male basketball players at left with black box behind
G-36137© 1956Bas-ket
G-25541 1960Bas-Ket
G-36962© 1960Bas-ket1651960 copyright on apron; Mr. Fun logo on cover; mostly red cover with some horizontal and vertical white, brown, and black stripes; two male basketball players at left with black box behind
G-36955© 1966Bas-ket165Mostly red cover; "a great Cadaco game" logo; 3 basketball players at left
G-36956© 1966Bas-ket165Mostly red cover; ; Mr. Fun logo; 3 basketball players at left
G-36136© 1968Bas-ket165
G-36960 1969Bas-ket165Photograph of a basketball game with spectators in seats fills nearly all of the cover; blue and white triangle set at left
G-36957© 1970Bas-ket1651970 copyright on game surface; left side of cover shows game setup; right side has photograph of green and white uniformed basketball players around a hoop.
G-31197© 1973Bas-ket1651973 copyright on cover; left side of cover shows game setup; right side has photograph of green and white uniformed basketball players around a hoop.image-1
G-36961© 2004Bas-ketUPC 0 26608 00602 2At right, color photograph of a girl and boy playing the game; at lower left is a black and white photograph of the game played in the past; At left is a basketball player reaching for a ball
G-1606≤1948Bean Bag Baseball
G-25542 1967Butterflies
G-25548© 1981The Cannonball Run!670board game
G-1607© 1942Cardeno - The Jig-saw Keno Gamecard gamerules-1
G-36149 2003Care Bears Calling All Care Bears8209board game
G-25544© 1966The Chase262board gameimage-1
G-1608≤1948Checardscard game
G-1609© 1947Children of Many Lands
G-25547 1967Chutzpah
G-25549© 1975The Cinderella Game450board game, race game
G-25543 1954College Basketball
G-25545 1968Confetti the Clown
G-25546 1987Game of Cub Scouting
G-25553 1988Dash Hounds
G-25552 1969Decisions, Decisions
G-36171© 1973Dig-It!word game
G-25554 1950Dobbin Derby
G-1610 1943Down the Hatch!
G-36153 1971Official Driver-Ed405
G-25551© 1973Official Driver-Ed405board game, race game
G-1611 1936Elmer Layden's Scientific Football Game
G-1612 1941Ethan Allen's All-Star Baseball
G-25558© 1952Feed the Elephant!
G-25557 1977Fighter Bomberimage-1
G-1613© 1943Five Famous Favorites: Tripoley; Backgammon (Acey Ducey); Number Chek; Horse Race; Checkers
G-1614 1935Foto World
G-1615 1950Foto-Electric Baseball
G-25555 1978Foto-Electric Bowlingimage-1
G-1616© 1948Foto-Electric Football1 patent
G-36138© 1965Foto-Electric Football233
G-36209© 1987Fun by the Numbersboard game
G-25559 1954Geo-graphy World-wide
G-36191 1956, © 1954Geo-graphy World-wide210
G-1617 1958Geo-graphy World-wide210
G-25562 1954Goldilocks
G-25563 1970Goldilocks and the Three Bears360
G-31199© 1973The Goldilocks and the Three Bears Game360; UPC 0 26608 00360 1board game, race gameimage-1
G-36201© 1991Goldilocks and the Three Bears GameUPC 0 26608 00160 7board game, race game
G-25560 1973Good Guys 'N Bad Guysimage-1
G-25561 1991Guys Next Door
G-36162 1970Hee Haw290board game
G-25564 1968Hockey
G-1618≤1948Hookey, The Fish Game
G-25565 1974Hooky: Go Fishing
G-25568© 1976Jack & the Beanstalk Memory Game515board game, memory game
G-1619 1948Jack and Jill Target Game
G-1620© 1941, © 1942Jingo, The Jigsaw Bingo Gamerules-1
G-34322© 1977Jingo, The Outer Space Jigsaw Puzzle Gamerules-1
G-1621© 1943Jolly Rogerrules-1
G-25566 1954Jubilee
G-25567© 1978King Tut's Game562
G-31196 1997King Tut's Gameimage-1
G-1622© 1939Kitty Keenorules-1
G-36211© 1982Know Your Americaboard game
G-29651© 1945, © 1953Little Black Samboboard game, race game
G-25569 1951Little Black Sambo
G-1623 1945Little Black Sambo, The Adventures of
G-25570 1955Little Boy Blue
G-36157© 1974The Little Prince420board game
G-25577 1962Magic Midway
G-25574 1965Major League Baseball
G-25579 1962Mammoth Hunt
G-25573 1967Maneuver
G-25571© 1955Marlin Perkins' Zoo Paradeimage-1
G-36158© 1986The Martin Luther King, Jr. Game805board game
G-25575© 1971Match Point Tennis306
G-25581 1957Math Magic
G-25540© 1976The Mileage Game Amoco's Highway Game for Drivers of All Ages
G-25576 1967Moon Shot
G-25572© 1975Mostly Ghostly!
G-36150© 1971The Mother Goose Game310
G-25580© 1971The Mother Goose Game310
G-25578 1975Mug Shots
G-25582 1965National Hall of Fame Football
G-36958© 1980NBA Bas-ket1651980 date on cover and game surface; left side of cover shows game setup; right side has logos of 23 NBA teams
G-25583 1961Noah's Arkcartoon character
G-36161© 1967Noah's Ark179
G-36160 1971Noah's Ark Game
G-1624© 1945Noahs Ark
G-25585© 1973Oh Hellimage-1
G-25584 1966One Armed Bandit
G-25586 1987Oreo Cookie Factory
G-25590 1976Peter Pan
G-1625≤1941Pink Elephant
G-25589 1981The Pink Panther
G-25588 1985Pinocchio
G-34285© 1939Pinocchio, The Adventures ofboard gameC. Leslie Crandall (designer)
G-25587© 1952Pitchin' Pal
G-1626© 1943Pixie Boardrules-1
G-25591 1977Pro Football
G-31200© 1977Pro Foto-Football164image-1
G-25592© 1954Quiz Panel
G-1627© 1943Quizzlerules-1
G-25593 1963The Red Rover
G-1628© 1947Ringmaster
G-25595 1956Ringmaster
G-1629≤1948Round the Clock
G-36202© 1977Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer555board game, race game
G-25594© 1977, © 1960Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeerboard game, race game
G-25596 1975Rules of the Road
G-31198© 1977Rules of the Roadboard gameimage-1
G-25597 1977Rumi-K
G-36169© 1972Saftee Dart Gamedarts
G-24362© 1947Sandman
G-25600 1967Scat
G-25609© 1991Screen Challenge519image-1
G-25606 1968See the USA
G-25598© 1960Seven Seas235image-1
G-25610© 1974The Sherlock Holmes Game
G-25611© 1978, © 1977Sinbad
G-25601© 1965Skedaddle The Game of Huddles259
G-36154 1953Skip-A-Cross
G-23830© 1953, © 1952Skip-A-Cross
G-25602 1954, © 1952Skip-A-Cross204board game, word game
G-1630 Skipper, The Magnetic Boat Race
G-25607© 1989Snapshot900; UPC 0 26608 00900 9
G-25612© 1977Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs590board game, race game
G-25613© 1951Space Pilot
G-25599 1961Space Pilot
G-36198© 1976Spell It231
G-25603 1951Spell-It
G-25614© 1954Spelling Match
G-25604© 1968Squaresville277
G-25605 1967SSSScat
G-1632 Stampede
G-31201 1971Strategic All-Star Baseballimage-1
G-25608 1974Super Coach TV Football
G-1633© 1941Tableau, The Picture Puzzle Gamerules-1
G-25621© 1966Teed Off!264
G-25622© 1982The Telephone Gameboard game
G-25616 1964Ten Commandments Bible Game
G-36207© 1966, © 1961Ten Commandments Bible Game263board game
G-31202 1996Ten Commandments Bible Gameimage-1
G-25623 1955Thirteen220
G-36190© 1955Thirteen220board gamelink-1 · A. F. Blake (copyright holder)
G-25619 1969Thirteen
G-1634© 1963Ticker Taperules-1
G-36159© 1968Ting-a-Ling Bingo282bingo
G-25620 1961Top Copimage-1
G-25618© 1957Top Scholar
G-1635© 1941Top-Ography
G-36192© 1956, © 1954Top-ography
G-25617 1958Top-ography
G-1636 1937Touchdown
G-1637 1938Transport Pilot
G-25624 1956Travel with Woody Woodpecker
G-36177© August 1940Treasure HuntFourth Edition
G-36181© December 1940Treasure HuntEighth Edition
G-36182© December 1940Treasure HuntNinth Edition
G-36172© January 1940Treasure HuntFirst Edition
G-36176© June 1940Treasure HuntThird Edition
G-36175© March 1940Treasure HuntSecond EditionC. Leslie Crandall (package design)
G-36180© November 1940Treasure HuntSeventh EditionC. Leslie Crandall (package design)
G-36179© October 1940Treasure HuntSixth Edition
G-36178© September 1940Treasure HuntFifth Edition
G-36173© January 1941Treasure HuntTenth EditionC. Leslie Crandall (package design)
G-36188© February 1942Treasure Hunt41st edition
G-36208© February 1942Treasure Hunt46nd editionC. Leslie Crandall (package design)
G-1638© 1951, © 1940Treasure Hunt454967th editionrules-1
G-1639© 1942The Game of Tripoley
G-36141© 1965Tripoley111
G-25625 1990Tunnel Rats: Escape from Terror Cave
G-30980© 1960Undercover: Game of the Secret Agents236image-1
G-34231 1938Varsity
G-31193 1942Varsityimage-1
G-36140© 1951Varsity
G-25628 1955Varsity
G-25632 1974Whatchamacallit
G-25631 1980The White Shadow Bas-ket
G-25634 1986The Who's Who Game780board game
G-25630 1959WhoDunit
G-25629 1951Wing Ding
G-25635© 1974The Wizard of Oz Game406image-1
G-25633 1973World Wide Lottolotto
G-1641 1940Yankee Doodle1 copyright
G-25636 1982You Doo
G-25637 1970Your Americaimage-1
G-36147© 1970, 1975Your America1776Bicentennial Edition

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Total number of games found: 205