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Glevum Games (84 games) · P-3163
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-34963 A. R. P.board game
G-34960 Air-O-Baticsrace board game
G-29707 1920Auctioneer, The Gamecard game
G-30893 Bagz-i!(none)tiddlywinks
G-30830~ 1930sBijou Golf(none)tiddlywinks
G-36611 Blow Footballblowing game
G-36591 Bobs the Bridge Gamebowling
G-35162 By Air to Australiarace board game
G-31009 Card Housescard house
G-30380 Clock Tidleystiddlywinks
G-36612 Cojee the Grand National Game of Skillrace game
G-34969 Compendium of Games, The "Glevum"compendium
G-36608 The Popular Game of Croquet(none)croquet
G-35169 Disc TidleysLogo is 1 1/4" widetiddlywinks
G-30417 Disc TidleysLogo is 7/8" widetiddlywinks
G-34962 DominoesSnorting dragon with dominoes in a Stonehenge arrangementdominoes
G-30946 The Game of Dropitonskill & action
G-36585 Egg & SpoonNo "RACE" in title on coverskill & action
G-35159 Egg & Spoon Race"RACE" in title on coverskill & action
G-36596≥1921The Favorite the New Mechanical Race Gamerace game
G-30769 Flitz!(none)with Glevum logo; 2 monkey and 1 parrot targetstiddlywinks
G-30788 Flitz!(none)no Glevum logo; 1 monkey and 2 parrot targetstiddlywinks
G-35166 Flitz!(none)no Glevum logo; 2 monkey and 1 parrot targetstiddlywinks
G-31008 Flying Birdscatapult
G-30944 Flying Round the British Empirerace board game
G-36590 Flying Squad(none)board game
G-34961 Funny Faceface game
G-36586 Halmaboard game
G-34968 The Game of Hats-Offshooting game
G-35164 The Game of Hop-Itskill & action
G-36595 Houplahopla
G-36602 1925Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wallskill & action game
G-34951 Jay Walkingskill & action
G-36589 Jiggle-Joggle the Frog Race Gameskill & action game
G-34971 Juggler, The: A Ball-Shooting Gameshooting game
G-36599 The Game Lic-Nikskill & action game
G-36588 Lottolotto
G-36592 Ludoboard game
G-34952 Match Tidley Winksman (fancy blue coat, red vest, frilly cuffs and tie) and woman (red/white/blue dress, holding fan)tiddlywinks
G-34953 Match Tidley Winks"MATCH" (red with black outline on yellow banner at top), "TIDLEY WINKS" (same, at bottom)tiddlywinks
G-30474 Match Tidley Winksblue boxtiddlywinks
G-30662 Match Tidley Winksoff-white box with sun and dots; clown and woman at tabletiddlywinks
G-30743 Match Tidley Winks(none)red box with silver lettering; marked British Manufacturetiddlywinks
G-35135 Match Tidley Winks(none)red box with silver lettering; not marked British Manufacturetiddlywinks
G-36610 Motor Racerace board game
G-34955 Motoringrace board game
G-35160 Net Ballskill & action
G-36584 Nursery Rhymes Ring Gamering toss
G-30988 Over the Alps(none)race board game
G-34965 Pat's the Bhoy Jolly Ring Gamering toss
G-34967 Picture Building Bricks, Glevumpicture blocks
G-34958 Pretty Pollyring toss
G-37040≤1929The Race Gamerace board game
G-34957 Ring Itcatapult
G-31017 Rocketscatapult
G-35158 Smuggling - A Game of Tactics.race game
G-36603 Snakes and Laddersboard game
G-37041patented 1934The Game of Sokker-Shyskill & action
G-36607 Speed-Boat Racingrace board game
G-31007 The New Game of Spin-Jennyskill & action
G-35163 Spinnit.spinning game
G-30472 Table Quoits for any Number of Playersman (black suit, shooting), woman (left hand to head), both sitting at table with green tablecloth; man (white beard, glasses) and man (smoking pipe) sitting at reartiddlywinks
G-30228 Table Quoits for any Number of Playerstiddlywinks
G-30597 Table Quoits for any Number of Playersman, girl, and boy; green table; blue and yellow backgroundtiddlywinks
G-30426 Table Quoits for any Number of Playersman (gray hair, smoking pipe), woman (pink dress), man (blue suit) all sitting at table; man (gray suit) standing behindtiddlywinks
G-35161 Tail-less Donkeypin the tail game
G-36587 Tail-less Donkeydonkey's head turned backward, with big teeth and red lipspin the tail game
G-30716 Tidley Quoitstiddlywinks
G-30799 Tidley Skittles(none)tiddlywinks
G-30221 Tidley Winkstiddlywinks
G-30626 Tidley Winks"TIDLEY WINKS" (each letter on a wink of varying colors)tiddlywinks
G-30775 Tidley Winks(none)tiddlywinks
G-35136 Tidley Winks(none)tiddlywinks
G-30455~ 1920sTidley Winks Compendiumtiddlywinks
G-30960 The Game of Tilting the Bucketskill & action
G-36601 Tired Timring toss
G-34950 The Game of Traffic Lightsboard game
G-34149 Treetop Tidleys(none)tiddlywinks
G-34964 The Game of Trianholeskill & action
G-34954 Tryaflipblue table with angled 9-star target; hands shooting from lefttiddlywinks
G-34970 Tryaflipgreen table with flat 13-hole target; woman (left in red/white/blue striped dress), man (tie, red jacket) shooting, woman (gray dress, leaning on table)tiddlywinks
G-34966 Tumbletteskill & action
G-31066 Whirlukshooting game
G-29706 1920Who Killed Cock Robin?

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Total number of games found: 84