Publisher and Game Information

Nicolas Léon & Charles Keller (N. K. Atlas) (10 games) · P-3179
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-35137 Les Clowns - Jeu des Chapeauxhopla
G-36775 Nain Jaunecard game
G-36772 La PuceBoy shooting and girl with hands clasped around a round tabletiddlywinks
G-29801 La Puce(none)2 boys and 2 girls on cover; box has pink background; top and bottom of cover label has red/pink stripes and dotstiddlywinks
G-30618 Grand jeu de la Puce1513Has "G B & CIE" logo with "N K ATLAS - PARIS"; center background is bluetiddlywinks
G-36773 Grand jeu de la Puce1513Has "N K ATLAS - PARIS" marking but no "G B & CIE" logo; center background is pinktiddlywinks
G-36771 La Puce1513 (on rules)2 boys and 2 girls on cover; box has green background with rosette patterns; top and bottom of cover label have no pink/red stripes/dotstiddlywinks
G-36776 La Puce Domptée1514 (on cover)Nearly square vertical box; man sitting at table shooting a wink at target with numbered hookstiddlywinks
G-36777 La Puce Domptée1514 (on cover)Square box, hand at left shooting quoit at numbered target with rings at upper righttiddlywinks
G-35142 La Puce Domptée1514 (stamped on box bottom)Horizontal box with mostly red background; 4 clowns on cover, one diving into the cuphopla

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 10