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Carrom Co. (29 games) · P-324
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8153Bean Bags, The Game of
G-8154≤1947Big Game Hunt, The
G-25674~1960sBlack Jack
G-8155~1930sCarrom Baseball Game, The Lew Fonseca
G-9520©1901Carrom Game Boards, Rules for D.2 and E.1 Archarena Game Boards, incl: American Nine Pins; Backgammon; Billiardette; Carromola; Carroms; Checkers; Chess; Childress, or Six-Pin Point Game; Cocked Hat; Cocked Hat and Feather; Column Carroms; Crokinola; Crokinole; Cuban Battle Spin; Cue Pocket; Cushion Orange Game; Diagonal Checkers; Diagonal Pins; Ditch Carrom; Double Entry Posting; Five Back; Five Back Spin; Five Pin Cuban Carrom Game; Five-Pin Cuban Top Game; Flags of the Nations; Forty-Six; Four Ring Glance; Four-Pin Circle Game; Half Minute Battle; Half Orange Pins; Head Pin and Four Back; Head Pin Four Back Circle; Long End Battle; Long End Tipsy; Pocket Column Carroms; Pyramid Pins; Rotation Cue Pocket; Russian Backgammon; Seven Up; Seven Up Spin; Shooting the Wild Ducks; Shovel Board, Seventh Century Game of; Single Entry Posting; Spin-ette; Spinning Battle; Spinoza; Spot Games; Ten-Pin Top Game; Tenpins; The Hawk and the Sparrows; Three Minute Battle; Three Ring Glance; Three-Pin Circle Game; Tipsy; Tipsy Topsy Turvy; Topsy; Traveling Car-roms; Turvyrules-1
G-25675~1960sCarromola Golf
G-95211919Crown Combination Board No. 1, with rules for Back Stop; Backgammon; Ban-karing; Carroms; Chinese Clance; Cocked Hat; Crokaline; Crokapin; Crokarong; Crokinole; Crown Castle; Cue Pocket; Cue Ring; Ditch Crokinole; Four Ring Glance; Nine Pins; Penning the Pigs; Pin Ring; Pin-A-Four (with variations); Pin-Pocket; Ring Bagatelle; Ring Post Crokinole; Ring Shuffle; Ring-Ring; Ringacross; Ringaline; Rin-gar-o; Ringarong Crokinole; Ringette; Rotational Cue Pocket; Seven Battles; Sixty-Six; Spider and Flies; Ten Pins; Three Ring Glance; Traveling Carroms; Tric-Trac; Walk Around Castle; and variationsNo. 1rules-1
G-8157~1940sDrive 'n Putt
G-8158≤1946Fox Hunt
G-8159≤1942Hollywood Ski-Bol
G-25677Jump Ball
G-8161≤1949Manyana, The Game of Tomorrow
G-8168≤1946Spin Bowl
G-9243Ten Pins, with: Nine Pins; Cocked Hatrules-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 29