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Chaffee & Selchow (68 games) · P-330
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8126© 1899The Abcdarianword game1 copyright
G-24054© 1897Ballet Dancer1 copyright
G-8127≤1897The Game of Bargain Counter
G-8128© 1898The Game of Basket Ball1 copyright
G-8129© 1897The Game of Battle for the Flag
G-8130© 1898The Bell Boy Game1 copyright
G-8131© 1899Ben Hur or the Chariot Race1 copyright
G-8132≤1897Bicycle Puzzle
G-8133© 1898The Bicycle Race1 copyright
G-8149© Game of Birds of North America1 copyright
G-8135≤1897The Game of Blow Foot Ball
G-8122 1898The Game of Cat1 copyright
G-23636© 1899Charge of the Light Brigade1 copyright
G-36507© 1898Game of Cinderella and the Glass Slipperrace board game
G-8139© 1898Cowboy Game1 copyright
G-8140© 1899Game of Croquetrace board game, croquet1 copyright
G-8141© 1899Dewey at Manilacard gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-8142© 1899Dissected Maps: Cuba and Philippine Islandsjigsaw puzzle1 copyright
G-8143© 1902Donkey Party Gamerules-1
G-8144≤1897The Donkey Puzzle
G-8145≤1897Estes Little Brownie Tops
G-8146© 1897The Fairy Queen Picture Cubes1 copyright
G-24053© 1897Fancy Turnout1 copyright
G-8147~ 1890Fascination
G-36504© 1898Fish Pondfish pond1 copyright
G-8191© 1899The Flying Dutchman1 copyright
G-8134≤1897Fun with Electricity
G-8177≤1897Fun with Magnetism
G-8208≤1897Geschäft or the Game of Business
G-8209≤1897Hustle Ball, with: Cross-Country Race; Leap Frog; Magnetic Potato Race
G-24051© 1899Invasion and Snap1 copyright
G-8210≤1897Jingo, with Jingo Junior
G-8211≤1897Lakota or the Buffalo Hunt an Indian Game
G-8213© 1899Lee at Havana1 copyright
G-8214patented 1900Lilliput Golf
G-8215© 1899The Little Corporal1 copyright
G-8217© 1898The Merry Go-Roundrace board game1 copyright
G-8218© 1899Miles at Porto Rico1 copyright
G-8219© 1898Moose-Hunt1 copyright
G-8235 1890sGame of Old King Cole
G-8221© 1899Game of Old Maid1 copyright
G-8207~ 1900Game of Old Mother Goose
G-8223~ 1900The Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe
G-8224© 1898The Game of Oorlog1 copyright
G-8225≤1897Parlor Golf
G-8226≤1897Pictured Proverb Cardscard game
G-8227© 1899Game of Pool1 copyright
G-36506© 1898Quoitsquoits1 copyright
G-8228© 1899Roosevelt at San Juancard game1 copyright
G-8229© 1899Schley at Santiago Bay1 copyright
G-8230© 1891Seal Hunting in Alaska1 copyright
G-36516© 1899Shafter at Santiago Bay1 copyright
G-8231 1898Silverlocks and the Three Bears
G-8232© 1900The Skating Race Gamerace board game1 copyright
G-24048© 1898Strategy1 copyright
G-29835© 1899Game of Tiddle dy Winkstiddlywinks
G-8233≤1897Tiddledy Winks
G-8193 1899Game of the Tiger Hunt1 copyright
G-24052© 1897Trip to the North Pole1 copyright
G-36501 Tug of Warrace board game1 copyright
G-8222© 1899The Game of Turn Overrace board gamelink-1 · link-2 · 1 copyright · 1 patent · 1 trademark
G-8220© 1899The Vassar Boat Race1 copyright
G-8180© 1898Game of War and Diplomacyrules-1
G-8181© 1898The Young Athlete1 copyright

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 68