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Charles Magnus (25 games) · P-342
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-19566©1887American Fortune-Telling Cardscard game
G-19567~1860Atlantic Telegraph
G-19568~1860Boa Constrictor
G-19569~1860Bonaparte's Oraculum, or Fortune Telling Cardscard game
G-19570~1860Checquers and the Game of Mill Morris
G-19571~1860Children's Arithmetic Game of 1000 Changes
G-19572~1860Comic Leaves of Fortune, the Sibyl's Prophesy
G-19573~1860Conquer, The Game To
G-19575~1860Cottage of Content
G-19576~1860English Farm: Twenty Rural Scenes, The
G-19577~1860Fox Chase
G-19578~1865Glorious Finale of the War Dissected, The
G-19579~1860Humerous Queries and Solutions, Brother Jonathon's
G-19580~1859Masquerade Game, Therules-1 · Wm. Frederick Balch (inventor)
G-19581~1860Masquerade, Full Game
G-19584~1855New National Snake Game
G-19583~1860New Object of Delight: Dissected Story Pictures for the Young
G-19585~1860Pigs and Kittens, Comical Game ofGrand-Father Fisher
G-19586~1860Rising Star, The
G-19587~1862Running the Blockaderules-1
G-19588~1860Sociable Snake, The Game of
G-19589~1860Steeple Chase, Game of the
G-19590~1860Uncle Sam's Game of Six Corners

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 25