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Castell Brothers, Ltd. (48 games) · P-3506
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-36783 1960sAstronaut Card Gamecard game
G-36782 1937Belishacard game
G-36784 1968British Birdscard game
G-36785 1960sBritish Towns Card Gamecard game
G-36827 The Car Gamecard game
G-36780 Channel Xcard game
G-30983 1950Contraband Card Gamecard game
G-36786 1940England Expectscard game
G-36787~ 1955Expresscard game
G-36788~ 1951The Famous Five Card Gamecard game
G-36818 Faraway Treecard game
G-36789 1939Film Fantasy Card Gamecard game
G-36809 1950sGoal! Card Gamecard game
G-36824 1950sI Commitcard game
G-36802 1955Ian Allan's Train Card Gamecard game
G-36823 International Football Whistcard game
G-36829 It's a Goal Card Gamecard game
G-36811≤1938Jack of all Tradescard game
G-36798 Jaques' Happy Familiescard game
G-36828~ 1950sJust William Card Gamecard game
G-36803 1935Kargo or Card Golfcard game
G-36799 Little Grey Rabbitcard gameMargaret Tempest (illustrator)
G-36821 Mickey and the Beanstalkcard game
G-36817 1939Mickey's Fun Fair Card Gamecard game
G-36790 1950sNeville Duke's Test Pilot Card Gamecard gameNeville Duke (endorser), A. B. Boowbeer (illustrator)
G-36778 Penalty!card game
G-36819 Peter and the Wolfcard game
G-36801~ 1943Peter Pan Card Gamecard game
G-36822 Picture Dominoescard game
G-36781 1938Progress Card Gamecard game
G-36812 1955Round Britaincard game
G-36814 1950sRound Europe Card Gamecard game
G-36807 1950Secret Agent the Card Game with the Magic Monoclecard game
G-36816 Shuffled Symphoniesblue boxcard game
G-36815 1939Shuffled Symphoniesred boxcard game
G-36810 1938Snow White and the Seven Dwarfscard game
G-36806August 1938Speed Card Gamecard game
G-36779 Stocks and Sharescard game
G-36808 Sylabexcard game
G-36791~ 1939-1940Vacuationcard game
G-36792 1939Victorycard game
G-36793~ 1960Wild Flower Sevens Card Gamecard game
G-36825 The Wizard of Oz Card Gamecard game
G-36797 Woodland Happy Familiescard gameRacey Helps (illustrator)
G-36794 1950sWoodland Old Maidcard gameRacey Helps (illustrator)
G-36796~ 1960Woodland Snapcard game
G-36820 Wu-Peecard game
G-36800~ 1965-1970Zodiac Club Playing Cardsplaying cards

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 48