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William Spooner (9 games) · P-3532
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-34116 1847Spooner's Game of English Historylink-1 · link-2
G-34125~ 1850The Funnyshire Fox-Chace, a new game
G-34115 1851Comic Game of Great Exhibition of 1851rules-1
G-36131between 1837-1846The Journey or Cross Roads to Conqueror's Castlerace gamelink-1 · link-2
G-341185 November 1844Pictorial Map of England & Wales Arranged as an Amusing and Instructive Game for Youthlink-1 · link-2
G-36133 1947The Pirate and the Traders of the West Indiesrace gamelink-1 · link-2
G-34122 1852The Travellers of Europe; with Improvements and Additionsrace gamelink-1
G-34123 1842The Travellers; or A Tour Through Europe
G-34120 1836A Voyage of Discovery; or, The Five Navigatorsn Entirely New Gamerace gamelink-1

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Total number of games found: 9