Publisher and Game Information

Cincinnati Game Co. (37 games) · P-365
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-9316© 1902Addition and Subtraction
G-8009 1899Arithmetic Play
G-8024 1897Game of Artists
G-8025 1905Astronomyimage-1
G-8026© 1897Authors1119red cover with catalog number 1119card game, authorslink-1
G-8027 1899Bible Game No. 1
G-9269© 1899Birds1127rules-1
G-9268© 1903Constructive Geometry
G-8028 1897Game of Dixie Land
G-9285 1903Domestic Animals
G-8029 1897Famous Paintings
G-9289© 1896Flags1111
G-8030 1899Flowers
G-8031 1902Game of Fortunes
G-8032 1896Fraction Play
G-9281© 1902Fractions
G-29589© 1901Illustrated Mythology1129card game
G-8033 1896In Castle Land
G-9275© 1896In the White House1115rules-1
G-8034 1896Individual and Progressive Niloe
G-9299© 1897The Mayflower1121rules-1
G-9359© 1903Multiplication and Division
G-8035 1900Mythology
G-9446© 1897Nationalities
G-9447copyr© 1899New Testament Game1124rules-1
G-9448© 1903Our National Life
G-8077 1898Poems
G-8120 1896Population
G-8051~ 1901Shakespeare
G-8095 1895Strange People
G-23638 Trip Through Our National Parks1122
G-8096 1896White Squadron
G-9451© 1895Wild Animalssmall
G-8097 1903Wild Animalsnormal size
G-9452© 1903Word Game
G-8098~ 1898Game of Yellowstoneimage-1
G-8099 1897Young Folks Authorscard game, authors

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 37