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Corey Game Co. (57 games) · P-399
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8439≤1947ABC Rhyme Game
G-8440 1943Air-Attack170Nathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8443 1944Al Djemmaboard game, parcheesilink-1 · link-2 · Nathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8441~ 1941All American Basketball
G-8442 1943All Star Football Game307board game
G-8444© 1942Animal Pop-Up! Game, "Jungle Bowling"
G-8445 1940Bagdad The Game of East
G-8447 1943Baseball Game
G-8449© 1941Blockadeboard game
G-35172 Blockade DeLuxe Editionplain brown coverboard game
G-8435© 1942The Captive Princess
G-8451≤1947Cat n' Mouse
G-8452 1946Cock-A-Doodle-Do
G-8453≤1945Funny Fellows
G-8454© 1943Going to Market315
G-8456 1940Hippety-Hop700race board game
G-8458 1940I've Got It
G-8459≤1947Jig-A-Roo a Children's gameboard game
G-8460≤1942Jungle Bowling, Animal Pop-Up Game
G-8461 1942Jungle Shooting
G-29642© 1941Kick Off - Thrilling Football Gameboard game
G-8421© 1943Klondike Gold180board game
G-35171 The Little Banker323
G-8450≤1947Magnetic Fish Pondfish pond
G-8448≤1941Man About Town a Hi-Hat Game for a Rowdy Good Timeboard game
G-8408 1944My Tell A Story Play Set
G-8409≤1945Picture Lottolotto
G-8410© 1942Pirate's Islandrace board gamelink-1 · link-2
G-8412 1942Pop-In-Scoring Game
G-8413 1939Questo
G-8414© 1939Raffles, The Sophisticated Game of ChanceNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8417© 1940Sentencescard game
G-36412 1941Shah-Shah a Fascinating Game of Old Persia528board game
G-23645© 1941Shah-Shah Game of Ancient Persia
G-8434≤1945Skill Scoring327marble
G-9442© 1941Spin-A-Quizrules-1
G-8420© 1942Spin-O820top spinnerNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-34233© 1945Strategy300Title at top (with fleur de lis in each letter) on yellow background; pink circle at left with two battling knights in armor on horses; castle at rightboard gameNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8407© 1938Strategy the Game of Armies300board gameNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8422© 1938Suffolk Downs Horse Racing Gamerace board game
G-30040© 1941Tiddly Winks Barrage Gametiddlywinksimage-1
G-8424≤1945Top Hockey
G-29484© 1942U.S. Trading Game220board gameNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8426≤1947Victory Darts
G-8427~ 1942Wild West Shooting Game
G-36411© 1941Yankee Trader"COREY GAME COMPANY"board gameNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8429© 1941Yankee Trader100'"COREY GAMES" DIVISION OF QUALITY PAPER BOX CO.'board gameNathan Reinherz (designer)
G-8430~ 1941You're Out Baseball Game

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 57