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A. Flanagan Co. (16 games) · P-51
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8007 Game of Administrations
G-7921© 1893Anderson's Happy Hunting Ground, or Game of ZoologyMary P. Anderson
G-7811© 1889Authors, or Graded Literary Cards, A New Game ofcard game, authorsA. B. Carroll
G-7812 Better Speech Game
G-7813 1887ContadorChas. Eldred Shelton
G-7814© 1886General Historical Cards
G-9278© 1929Geography Gamerules-1 · Harriet B. Rogers
G-7815 1885Helps to History, or Historical Games with Cards
G-9519© 1866Historical Games, incl: Auctioneer; Banker; Biographer; Chronographer; Chron-o-lo-gist; Double Snap; Fortune Teller; Historian; Lawyer; Librarian; Patriot; Philosopher; Recitation; School; School-master; Sentiment; Sentimental Bio-grapher; Snap; Statesman (2 variations); War (2 variations) ( D. Eckley Hunter)rules-1
G-7816 Intermediate Better Speech Cards
G-7817~ 1888Literary Whist, Games of Great MenN. O. Wilhelm
G-7818 Mother Earth's Produce Game
G-7819 Practical Grammer Game
G-7820 Primary Silent Reading Games
G-7821patented 1886Sentence Cards, Kenyon's
G-7837 U.S. History Cards

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 16