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Einson-Freeman Co., Inc. (83 games) · P-526
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-7749≤1935Alice in Wonderland
G-24064© 1935Animal Cut-Ups1 copyright
G-7750≤1935Authorscard game, authors
G-30083© 1935Base Ball Tiddledy Winks1603tiddlywinks2 copyrights
G-30084© 1935Basket Ball Tiddledy Winks1600tiddlywinks2 copyrights
G-7584© 1934Big Red Apple Game2041 copyright
G-7585≤1935The Billiard Game
G-7586© 1935Boxing2152 copyrights
G-7587 1934Card Structo
G-7589© 1934Cinderella's Glass Slipper211link-1 · 1 copyright
G-7590≤1935Color Picture Lottolotto
G-7591© 1934Count of Monte Cristo2442 copyrights
G-7592 1933Currier & Ives De Luxe Jig Saw Puzzle
G-7593≤1935Deep Sea Fishing
G-7594 1935Department Store
G-7610© 1934and © 1933 (cover and game board) by Famous Artists SyndicateDick Tracy Detective Game203race board game
G-7583≤1935Down the Rabbit's Hole with Alice in Won-derland
G-7598© 1932-3Every Week Jig-Saw Puzzle Series
G-7599© 1935Familiar Animal Lotto Game1002lotto1 copyright
G-7600© 1934Fisherman's Luck2051 copyright
G-7601© 1934Five Races of Mankind2432 copyrights
G-7602© 1934Foursomes2332 copyrights
G-7603© 1935Fox and Wolf Combination82291 copyright
G-7604≤1935Frank Buck Bring 'Em Back Alive
G-7605≤1935Funland Blackboard
G-24065© 1935Funland Theater1 copyright
G-7607© 1934Gold Bug2342 copyrights
G-7608≤1935The Hot Dog Race
G-30994© 1942How to Fly Training Cockpit100
G-7609© 1935Indian Ambush2141 copyright
G-7569≤1935Indoor Fun
G-7567© 1934The Game of Jim Hawkins on Treasure Island2081 copyright
G-7595≤1935Jim Maverick Horse Race Game
G-7557© 1934Game of Little Black Sambo2071 copyright
G-7558 1942Macy's Pirate Treasure Hunt
G-24066© 1935Mardi Gras, Carnival Cut-Outs1 copyright
G-7559© 1935Merry Merry Go-Round Whirling Ball Game1601skill & action, top-spinning2 copyrights
G-7560 1935Mickey Mouse Funny Facts
G-7561 1935The Napoleon Game
G-7562≤1935Outdoor Fun
G-7563≤1935Picture Spelling Game
G-7564© 1934Pioneers of the Santa Fe Trail2091 copyright
G-7566≤1935Pirate's Raid
G-7565© 1934Pirates of the Barbary Coast2101 copyright
G-7582≤1935Popeye in Plunderland
G-7568 1933Popeye the Sailor Shipwreck Game
G-7555 1935Popeye to the Rescue
G-7570≤1935Questionnaire Book
G-7571≤1935Quizzer Game
G-7572~ 1933Radio Stars Puzzle
G-7573≤1935Rip Van Winkle's Nine Pins
G-7574≤1935Robin Hood
G-7575 1935Rold Gold Pretzel Toss
G-7576≤1935Santa Fe Trail
G-7577≤1935Seaside Shooting Gallery
G-7578© 1934Shadow-Show Movies1 copyright
G-7579© 1934Shadowgraphs1 copyright
G-7581© 1935Snare the Dragon2132 copyrights
G-36830© 1937Walt Disney's Snow White Gamerace board game
G-7623© 1935Society Anagrams1000anagrams1 copyright
G-7666 1935The Game of Socko the Monk
G-7597≤1935South Seas
G-7641 1934Star Ride
G-7642 1936Stop and Go
G-7643 1934Stop the Fox
G-7644© 1934Stop Thief2061 copyright
G-7645≤1935Tarzan Rescue
G-7646 1934Tarzan Treasure Land
G-7647© 1933Three Little Pigs Game, Walt Disney's
G-7648≤1935Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn
G-7649© 1935Tom Sawyer on the Mississippi2122 copyrights
G-7650© 1935Treasure Hunt Picture Lotto1003lotto2 copyrights
G-7651 1934Treasure Island
G-35998© 1935Treasure Picture Lotto3005lotto1 copyright
G-7667 1934A Trip through Columbia Network Studios
G-7639≤1935White House Egg Rolling Game
G-7655≤1935Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
G-7656© 1935Wild West, Wild East Combination82301 copyright
G-7657© 1935Wonderland Dominoes10011 copyright

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 83