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Electric Game Co., Inc. (37 games) · P-532
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-7654 1942Air-Base Checkers
G-27834 1940s-1961Electric Baseball (all variations)
G-7652 1934Electric Baseball, Jim Prentice1 patent
G-27835 1930sElectric Basketball
G-27836 1940s-1951Electric BasketballModel 64
G-9366© 1949Electric BasketballModel 64-Xrules-1
G-9368 Electric Bowling (Type II)Model 403rules-1
G-7612 Electric Bunny Run
G-27839 1957Electric Classroom
G-29678 1954Electric Comin' Round the Mountain
G-27841 Electric Farmers Round-UpModel 61-FR
G-7613 1940s-1961Electric Fire Fighters
G-27843 Electric Flash QuizModel 49-Q
G-7614≤1935Electric Football
G-27845 1940s-1961Electric Football (all variations)
G-7615 1939Electric Golf
G-7616≤1941Electric Hockey
G-27848 1950sElectric Hot PotatoModel 52-H
G-9373 1942-1961Electric Jack StrawsModel 61-JSrules-1
G-7617 1940Electric Patrol
G-24436patented 1948; 1951Electric Put 'N' TakeModel 54-Pskill & actionJim Prentice (inventor)
G-31540 1962?Electric Short Circuitimage-1
G-27852 1961Electric Speedway
G-27853 1951Electric T.V. QuizModel 60-Q
G-27854 Electric Tic Tac Toe
G-27855 1961Electric Whiz Checkers
G-32250 1961Electric Whiz Farmers Round-Up
G-32251 1961Electric Whiz Fire Fighters
G-27856 1961Electric Whiz Raceway
G-7618 Formation Football
G-7619 Hole in the Head
G-27858 Lectra Matic Pro Football Game
G-7621 1944Let's Go to College
G-7622≤1935Orthotelic Electric Baseball
G-27860 1957Plinkety Plunk
G-7638© 1945Whiz Bowling
G-7624© 1945Whiz Football

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 37