Publisher and Game Information

The Embossing Company (78 games) · P-539
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-7635 1938Anex-A-Gram
G-7636 Blocks and More Blocks
G-9365© 1934Bottoms Uprules-1
G-7783 1909Cardinal Picture Puzzle
G-7556 1938Carento, The Game of Ancient Rome
G-7751~ 1890Checker Alphabets
G-36239 19281928 Checkerscheckers
G-7925 The Embossing Company's Checkers - Tournament 1 1/8checkers
G-36252 Checkers Backgammon Kit413 (on apron)checkers, backgammon
G-7926 Chess
G-36246 Chess Dominoes Checkers407chess, dominoes, checkers
G-7928 Color Cubes12
G-36254 Coronet Dominoesdominoes
G-36244 Crown Dominoescover has red/yellow crown at left and olive fasces at right dominoes
G-36241 Crown Dominoes220cover has "CROWN" (red) inside red/yellow crown at leftdominoes
G-7930 Deck-O-Doms
G-9420 Diamond 13 Puzzle911rules-1
G-7931~ 1920sDiamond Dominoes261
G-36250 Dominoesred coverdominoes
G-36256 Dominoesmottled light blue and dark gray coverdominoes
G-9358≤1871Dominoes, with: Bergen; Bingo; Block Game; Domino Euchre; Domino Poker; Domino Rounce; Draw Game; Matador; Muggins; Tiddle-A-Winkrules-1
G-36242 Double Nine Black Dominoesdominoes
G-7933 1884The Embossing Company's Double Nine Express Dominoes1014
G-7932 Double Nine Nubian Dominoes
G-36255 The Embossing Company's Double Twelve Express Dominoes1385 [?]dominoes
G-7934 Dur-O-Deck Playing Card Tiles
G-36235 Ebon Dominoesdominoes
G-7935 1923Everedy Modelling Material
G-36231 Eye Rest Anagrams3503anagrams
G-7951≤1934The Fifteen Puzzle
G-9355© 1929Flapper Fortunesrules-1 · link-1
G-34235~ 1927Flying Colors
G-7937≤1934Four Square Puzzle
G-9488© 1937Frisko701rules-1
G-7923≤1944Game Kit
G-7939 Home Building Blocks
G-36243 The Embossing Company's Illustrated Cube Spelling Blocks.blocks
G-9487 1940sJack-Be-Nimblerules-1
G-7940 1906Jinny
G-9485 Kiddie-Domsrules-1
G-36249 King Checkerscheckers
G-36232 The Embossing Company's Lion Dominoescover with red flowers at left and right, 6 yellow flowers; double twelve dominoesdominoes
G-36240 Lion Dominoesred and white cover with lion fitting center half of cover; double nine dominoesdominoes
G-36248 Lion Dominoesblue cover with white lions at left and rightdominoes
G-36230 The Embossing Company's Lion Dominoes1096cover with yellow flowers in upper corners; double six dominoesdominoes
G-36237 Lion Dominoes212red and white cover with lion fitting entire cover; double twelve dominoesdominoes
G-7941 1930Puzzle of Magic 16 and Fifteen
G-36234 Magna Dominoeselephant on coverdominoes
G-36253 Magna Dominoesone eagle on coverdominoes
G-7942 Missionary Puzzleeagles on cover
G-7943 1928Neck and Neck
G-9481© 1879One Hundred Embossed Letters, Addition & Subtraction, Fate, Pronunciation, Re-con-structionrules-1
G-7944≤1939Puzzle Kit
G-9480 Pyladisk Puzzle912rules-1
G-36238 Quarter Dominoesdominoes
G-9468 1935Quintiesrules-1
G-7945≤1936Ring Toss
G-7946 1940sSniffdominoes
G-7948 1915Stabuilt Blocks272
G-36228 Symbolo3330cover with red and yellow backgroundsdominoes
G-7909 Symbolo3330cover photograph has boy, girl, and man at table with playing blocksdominoes
G-9476~ 1930sTime, A Puzzlerules-1
G-7938© 1929Tit Tat Toetic tac toe
G-36257 1910The Embossing Company's Tournament Checkers7037checkerslink-1
G-36233 U.S.A. Dominoes"U.S.A." dominoes in white on blue banner on coverdominoes
G-36236 U.S.A. DominoesStatue of Liberty on backs; "U.S.A." dominoes in white on red banner on coverdominoes
G-36245 U.S.A. DominoesU.S. flag on backs; "U.S.A." dominoes in white on dark blue banner on coverdominoes
G-7936© 1929Vest Pocket Complete Checker Set
G-7896 1928Vest Pocket Quoits
G-36247 Whiteface Dominoesdominoes
G-7897 1926Wonderwood

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 78