Publisher and Game Information

Fireside Game Co. (29 games) · P-586
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-7981 1899Arithmetic Play1125
G-7982© 1897Game of Artists1117link-1 · link-2
G-7983© 1897Authors1119card game, authorslink-1
G-7984© 1899Bible Game No. 1 Illustrated, Fireside1124link-1
G-7985© 1899Game of Birds1127link-1 · image-1
G-7992© 1896Game of in Castle Land1113link-1 · link-2 · image-1
G-7986© 1896Chestnut Burrs1106link-1 · link-2
G-7987© 1897Game of in Dixie Land1118card gamelink-1 · link-2 · link-3 · image-1
G-7988 1897Election1101link-1
G-34913 1897Famous Paintings1117
G-7989© 1896Flags1111link-1 · link-2
G-7990 1899Game of Flowers1126link-1
G-7991© 1896Fraction Play1112link-1
G-7994 1896Individual and Progressive Niloe1114link-1
G-9438© 1896Maple Grove1105link-1 · link-2
G-7980© 1897Game of the Mayflower1121link-1 · link-2 · image-1
G-9422© 1897Nationalities1116link-1
G-9433© 1899New Testament Game1124link-1
G-7996~ 1896Oak Leaves1103link-1
G-7997© 1896Game of Our Union1109link-1 · link-2
G-7998~ 1896The Pines1104link-1
G-7999© 1898Game of Poems Illustrated1123link-1
G-8000 1896Population1110link-1 · link-2
G-8001© 1895Game of Strange People1100link-1 · link-2
G-8008© 1896White House, In the1115link-1 · link-2
G-8002© 1896White Squadron1108link-1 · link-2 · image-1
G-9428© 1895Wild Animals1102link-1
G-8003~ 1898Game of Yellowstone1122link-1
G-8004© 1897Young Folks' Favorite Authors1120card game, authorslink-1 · link-2

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 29