Publisher and Game Information

Frederick H. Beach (33 games) · P-614
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-543© 1936After Dinnerrules-1
G-544 Anascrams
G-545 Are You A Sacred Cow?
G-546 Balloonio
G-547 Biarritz Board
G-548≤1935Bottoms Up
G-549≤1935Crime and Mystery
G-31362 1937Crime and Mystery, Second Seriesimage-1
G-550 Cross Word Puzzles
G-551 Face Your Fortune
G-552 1936Four Games including Noodle Soup; Scrambles (2 series); Wordlets
G-553 Four Little Mysteries
G-554© 1939Fun Kit
G-555 Goofy Ball & Bugrules-1
G-556 Hit the Hay
G-558© 1938LibelT. Logtin Johnson
G-559 Lowell Thomas Questionnaire
G-560 Mental Whoopee
G-561 Noodle Soup
G-562© 1939Oldtimers
G-563© 1939Peanuts Party Game, including: Feeding the Elephant; Hit the Prize and Win It; Peanut Blowing Game; Peanut Chop Stick Race; Peanut Golf; Peanut Partners; Peanut Pushers; Spoon Relay; Two Finger Spoon Race; William Tellrules-1
G-564 Pictagrams
G-565 Pictorial Mysteries
G-566 Puzzlems
G-567© 1937The Question Box
G-568 Scramblesrules-1
G-569 1936Sippa Fish
G-570 1941Take It and Double
G-571 Tilley's Spelling Bee
G-572 True or False
G-573 Wordlets
G-574 Words Within Words

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 33