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George S. Parker & Co. (39 games) · P-668
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-201091887ABC, Game of
G-20110Authorscard game, authorsrules-1
G-201111888Authors Illustrated, The Game ofcard game, authors
G-201121884Baker's Dozen
G-201131883Banking, Game of
G-20115©1888Billy Bump's Visit to Bostonrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-20116©1888Chivalryrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-20117©1887Corner Grocery, The Amusing Game ofrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-20118©1888Country Auction, The Merry Game of1 copyright
G-20120©1887Definitions1 copyright
G-24004©1886Dickens Game, The1 copyright
G-20122Dr. Busby
G-201231884Famous Men, Game of
G-20124©1887Forbidden Fruit, The Stange Game of1 copyright
G-24005©1886Great Battlefieldscard gamelink-1 · 1 copyright
G-20127©1888Innocence Abroad, The Amusing Game ofrules-1 · 1 copyright
G-34614©1886Ivanhoe, A New Social GameMulticolor cover, "New" in titlelink-1
G-24003©1886Ivanhoe, A Social Game Brown monochrome illustration on cover with red textrules-1 · link-1 · link-2 · 1 copyright
G-201291887Jack Straws
G-20130©1888Johnny's Historical Game1 copyright
G-24008©1888Kee Poo Kan, The Game of1 copyright
G-24007©1887Letters, The Game ofword gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-201321888Literary Salad
G-201331887Mother Goose Game
G-24009©1888My Wife & I, The Peculiar Game of1 copyright
G-201341888Oliver Twist
G-201351886Parlor Polo
G-20136©1888Railroad Game, The1 copyright
G-201371886Snap, The Game of
G-24006©1886Speculation, New1 copyright
G-201391887Table Tennis
G-20140©1888Tadpole Game, The1 copyright
G-201411888War, The Game of
G-20142©1888When My Ship Comes In1 copyright
G-20143©1888Yankee Peddler, Ye Peculiar Game of YeCARD GAME1 copyright

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 39