Publisher and Game Information

Adams & Co. (62 games) · P-75
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-24043© 1877Alphabet Game1 copyright
G-24041© 1877Auction, New Game of1 copyright
G-117© 1872Bobbin Around1 copyright
G-118≤1875The Bottle Imp
G-119≤1875The Cage Puzzle
G-24044© 1877Game of Charlie Ross1 copyright
G-120≤1867The Chopped-up Monkey
G-121© 1873Christmas Pudding1 copyright
G-122≤1875Colored Fires
G-123© 1874Conjuror's Trick Cardscard game1 copyright
G-24038© 1873Croquet (New Edition)croquet1 copyright
G-124≤1875Eggs of Pharaoh's Serpents
G-125© 1872Eskemo1 copyright
G-126≤1875Feast of Flowers
G-127≤1875Forced Confessions
G-128≤1875Fun Alive
G-24042© 1877Giggling Drops1 copyright
G-24047© 1878Go-Bang Letter Game1 copyright
G-129© 1877Go-Bang, A Japanese Verandah Game, with the variations, Stay-Bang and Slam-Bang1 copyright
G-130≤1875House That Jack Built
G-116≤1875Humorous Authorscard game, authors
G-131© 1872The Jack O'Lantern Puzzle1 copyright
G-132≤1875Japanese Curiosos
G-133© 1870Japanese Picture Puzzle1 copyright
G-134≤1875Japanese Scintillities, or Parlor Fireworks
G-24035© 1871Japanese Snapping Pictures1 copyright
G-135≤1875The Joker's Bond
G-24037© 1872Kindergarten Games No. 1, Adams & Co.'s1 copyright
G-136 1866Komical Konversation Kards
G-24040© 1877Letter Box1 copyright
G-137© 1874The Lively Monkey1 copyright
G-138© 1871Love Chase1 copyright
G-24039© 1874Magic Clock1 copyright
G-139≤1875Magic Divination Cards
G-140≤1875Magic Fan
G-141≤1875Magic Picture Cards
G-142© 1871The Magician's Own Cards1 copyright
G-24046© 1878Mandarins1 copyright
G-143≤1867Match & Catchrules-1
G-24045© 1878Minced Fish1 copyright
G-144© 1867Mixed Pickles
G-145© 1865The Most Laughable Thing on Earth; or A Trip to Parisrules-1
G-24036© 1871New Art Pastime, Magic Transfer Pictures1 copyright
G-146≤1867Oliver Twist
G-24033© 1870Parlor Ring Toss1 copyright
G-147≤1867Pigeon-tail Puzzle
G-148≤1875Popping the Questions
G-24034© 1870Premium Parlor Fireworks1 copyright
G-149≤1875Puzzle Porridge, The Game of Letters
G-150≤1875Santa Claus' Magical Box
G-24032© 1870Seven Racers: Solitaire Puzzle1 copyright
G-151≤1867The Shakespearian Oracle
G-153≤1875The Squirming Fish
G-154≤1875The Star Alphabet Puzzle
G-155© 1865Three Merry Men
G-156≤1875Tom Thumb's Comical Fortune Teller
G-157© 1870Trade and Dicker1 copyright
G-158~ 1866Tumble Down Dick
G-159 Which Is the Largest?
G-160© 1870The Wizard's Pack of Playing Cards1 copyright
G-161© 1879ZarofielHarriet A. Adams

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 62