Publisher and Game Information

Ideal Book Builders (36 games) · P-806
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8590 Alphabet Game
G-9411patented 1929Animal Land419rules-1
G-8577≤1929Animal Wonderland
G-8592 Bird Friends
G-8593 Bird Fun
G-8594≤1929Bird Wonder Speller
G-8595patented 1912Bird Wonderland401rules-1
G-8596≤1929Building Fun
G-8597patented 1912Child's Speller
G-8598 Favorite Speller
G-8599patented 1912The Flower Game
G-8600patented 1912Funnyface Game
G-8601patented 1912Garden Speller
G-8602 Ideal Sentence Builder
G-8646≤1929Ideal Speller
G-8589patented 1912The Jolly Faces Game300
G-8632 Little Bird Speller
G-8663 Multiplication Table Fun
G-8887patented 1918Nature Story Play
G-8665patented 1912Playland Reader
G-8666≤1929Playtime Game
G-8667≤1929Playtime Reader Game
G-8668patented 1912Playtime Speller
G-8669 Playtime Words
G-8670≤1929Tables 1 to 5 - 6 to 10
G-8671 Toy Builder
G-8672patented 1912Wonder Garden Game
G-8679≤1929Wonder Garden Game
G-8673≤1929Wonder Multiplication
G-8674 Wonder Multiplication Table
G-8690≤1929Wonder Nature Stories
G-8676 Wonder Number Fun
G-8662≤1929Wonder Numbers
G-8678≤1929Wonder Speller
G-8680patented 1912Wonderland Zoo
G-8681 Word Pictures Animals

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 36