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Ideal Toy Corp. (235 games) · P-808
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-26559 1977$128,000 Questiongame show
G-26613 196512 O'Clock High
G-26484 19614 Little Pigs
G-26415 1964The Addams Family
G-26419 1967All Pro Baseball
G-26420 1967All Pro Basketball
G-26421 1969All Pro Hockey
G-26416 1967All-Pro Football
G-26417 1979Amazing Spiderman Web Spinning Game
G-26418 1968And Then There Were None
G-26422 1972Auctioneer
G-26430 1966Baby Sitter Game
G-26440 1969Bang Box
G-26427 1976Battle Board
G-26426 1964Battle Line Game
G-31512 1972Battleboardimage-1
G-26423 1968Battling Spaceships
G-26424 1968Battling Topsimage-1
G-26431 1975Beat the Eight Ball
G-26441 1968Bee Bopper
G-26425 1980Beware of the Spider
G-26437 1968The Big Sneeze
G-26436 1973Blast
G-26432 1981Block the Clockimage-1
G-26435 1972Blondie Sunday Funnies
G-26443 1978Blow Outimage-1
G-26428 1989Bongo Congo
G-30576© 1962Bop the Beetle4103-8tiddlywinks
G-26444 1972The Boss
G-34302 1962Bozo Pop-Outs
G-34300 1962Bozo TV Lottolotto
G-26429 1976Breaking Pointimage-1
G-26439 1963Bruce Force - Lost in Outer Space
G-29662 1961Bruce Force and the Treasure of Shark Island
G-26438 1963Bruce Force and the Treasure of Shark Islandenvelope
G-26442 1970Buckaroo
G-36971 1975The Bugs Bunny Gamebagatelle
G-26434 1963Bullwinkle and Rocky
G-26449 1978Call-It
G-26450 1965Camp Runamuck
G-26455 1976Can You Catch It Charlie Brown
G-26459 1967Careful The Toppling Tower
G-26456 1961Cars and Trucks
G-26548 1967Case of the Elusive Assassin, The
G-26451 1978Checkpoint: Danger
G-26457 1966Chicken Lottolotto
G-26446 1984The Chipmunks
G-26447 1984The Chipmunks Super Pop-O-Matic
G-26463 1981CHIPS
G-26460 1970The Chips Are Down
G-26454 1967Chop Suey
G-26458 1967Cimarron Strip
G-26452 1984Cloak and Dagger
G-26461 1967Cold Feet
G-26453 1963Combat!
G-31511 1965Combat!image-1
G-26448 1964Crazy Clock
G-26462 1971Criss Cross
G-26445 1971Crossfire
G-31513 1982Curse of the Cobrasimage-1
G-26474 1972Dear Abby
G-26469 1976Deduction
G-26464 1961Deputy Dawg T.V. Lottolotto
G-26467 1963Dick Tracy Crime Stopper
G-26465 1972Dick Tracy Sunday Funnies
G-26470 1961Diners Club Credit Card Game
G-26466 1978Doctor, Doctor!image-1
G-26472 1970Don't Dump the Daisy
G-26473 1961Double Exposuregame show
G-26468 1962Dr. Kildare
G-26471 1981Dukes of Hazzardimage-1
G-26478 1968Egg Race
G-26477 1977Electro Woman and Dino Girl
G-26479 1979Electronic Detective
G-26475 1969Electronic Radar Search
G-26476 Evel Knievel Stunts
G-26482 1960sF Troop
G-26483 1978Fantasy Islandimage-1
G-26481 1965Fish Bait
G-26480 1980Flash: The Electronic Arcade Game
G-26550 1967Fu Manchu's Hidden Hoard image-1
G-26485 1964The Fugitive
G-26486 1968Funny Finger
G-26489 1981Gargoyles and Goblins
G-26490 1967Garrison's Garillas
G-26491 1980The Generalselectronic
G-26488 1965Get Smart
G-26496 1968Go Gin
G-26494 1963Godzilla
G-30266© 1969Grand Slam Game2121-2tiddlywinks
G-26495 1967The Great Escapeimage-1
G-26493 The Great Julian's Mind Over Matter Game
G-26492 1973Gunfight at the OK Corral
G-26503 1964Hands Down
G-26504 1969Hang on Harvey
G-26502 1962Haunted House
G-26501 1967Hide-N-Seek
G-26497 1976Hit and Run Pinball
G-26498 1974Hollywood Squares, The
G-26499 1965Honey West
G-26505 1966Hoopla
G-26500 1979Huckleberry Hound Smash-Up Action Game
G-26507 1969Hungry Henry
G-26508 1967Hurry Waiter
G-26511 1965I Spyimage-1
G-26509 1971Impact
G-26510 1967Ironside
G-26512 1965It's About Time
G-26513 1966James Bond - Message from M
G-26514 1975Jaws
G-26515 1975The Junk Yard
G-26520 1966Kaboom
G-26521 1971Karate Tops
G-26522 1967Kerplunkimage-1
G-26517 1963King Kong
G-26518 1976King Kong image-1
G-26516 1975King of the Sea
G-26519 1962King Zor
G-26523 1971Knock the Clock
G-26526 1968Land of the Giants
G-26528 1976Last Chance
G-26532 1966Leap Frog
G-26529 1971Leapin' Lizards
G-26527 1974Let's Make a Dealgame show
G-26525 1963Liz Taylor - Hollywood Starlet
G-26524 1963Liz Taylor and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels
G-26530 1968Look Out Below
G-26531 1961Lucky Star Gumball Game
G-26538 1964Magilla Gorillacartoon
G-26536 1965Man from Uncle
G-26539 1979Maniacelectronic
G-26540 1969Marble Head
G-26543 1972Mark-Three
G-26541 1967Mind Over Matter
G-26542 1966Mission Impossible
G-26544 1964Monster Mad Lab
G-26537 1963Mouse Trap
G-26546 1961Mr. Machine
G-26533 1970Mr. Mad
G-26547 1970Mr. Rembrandt
G-26549 1967Murder on the Orient Express - Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson CL 2177rules-1
G-26535 1985Murder To Goimage-1
G-26545 1964Mushmouse and Pumpkin Pusscartoon
G-26534 1964Mystic Skullimage-1
G-26553 1975The New Tic-Tac-Doughgame show
G-26556 1968Nirtz
G-26551 1971No Peekie
G-26555 1964No Time for Sergeants
G-26557 1963The Nurses
G-26558 1969Oh Nutsimage-1
G-26563 1963P.T. Boat 109image-1
G-26561 1965Panic
G-26554 1978Payoff Machine
G-26562 1964Peter Potamuscartoon
G-26567 1965Picnic
G-26565 1966Pie in Your Eye
G-26552 Pizza Party
G-26564 1969Poison Ivy
G-26560 1961Poker Tile
G-31510 1983Pop-O-Matic Yipes!image-1
G-26566 1968Poppin Hoppies
G-26568 1970Quick Shot
G-31507 1971Racing Topsimage-1
G-26577 1961Ransom
G-26573 1989Rattle My Boneselectronic
G-26570 1961The Rebel
G-26578 1971Rebound
G-26576 1960sRemember
G-26574 1972Rex Morgan M.D.comic strip
G-26569 1965Ricochet Rabbitcartoon
G-26575 1968Rock Paper Scissors
G-26571 Rubik's Cube
G-26572 1982Rubik's Raceimage-1
G-26591 1961Salvo
G-26593 1961Seven Keysgame show
G-31506 1963Sha-ee, the Game of Destinyimage-1
G-9400© 1967Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: Murder on the Orient Express
G-26579© 1976The Sinking of the Titanic Gameimage-1 image-2
G-26580 1961Skin Divers
G-9410© 1963Skooz-It Pick-A-Picture Gamerules-1
G-26599 1961Skully
G-26600 1971Slap Happy
G-26601 1967Slap Trap
G-26598 1961Smokey the Forest Fire Prevention Bear
G-26602 1966Snakes Alive
G-26588 1973Snap Bowling
G-26587 1984Solid Gold Movie Trivia
G-26585 Space Flight
G-26581 1961Speedway
G-26582 1976Speedway: Big Bopper Game
G-26592 1967Star Trek
G-26597 1974Star Trekcartoon
G-26589 1976The Sting
G-26583 1962Stump the Starsgame show
G-26590 1979Superman Match II - Special Ed.
G-26594 1970Sure Shot Baseball
G-26595 1970Sure Shot Basketball
G-26596 1970Sure Shot Hockey
G-26586 1961Surprise Packagegame show
G-26603 1968Swack
G-26584 1965Swap: The Wheeler-Dealer Game
G-26611 1966T.H.E. Cat
G-26619 1963Tales of Jamie McPheeters
G-26617 1963Tammy
G-26610 1975Tank Commandimage-1
G-26615 1972Terry and the Piratescomic strip
G-34301 1962Terrytoons Pop-Outs
G-34299 1962Terrytoons TV Lottolotto
G-26604 1966Thrush - "The Ray Gun Affair Game"
G-26608 1969Tic Tac Tilt
G-26605 1966Tiger Island
G-26620 1968Tiltin' Milton
G-26612 1966Time Tunnel
G-26618 1963Tiny Thumbelina
G-26606 1965Tip-It
G-26623 1971Top the Topimage-1
G-26622 1972Top-It
G-26624 1971Tornado Bowl
G-26607 1970Toss Across
G-36899 Trapboard gameimage-1
G-31508 1972Trap
G-26616 1975Trap Tennis
G-26609 1977Triple Up
G-26614 1964The Twilight Zone
G-26627 1971Up 'N Over
G-26625 1977Up Against Time
G-31509 1987Up Against Timeimage-1
G-26626 Victory Fleet
G-26628 1966Watch Word
G-26631 1963Weird-O's
G-26629 1976Welcome Back Kotter
G-26630 1977The Winning Ticket
G-26632 1969Wrestle Around
G-26634 1976Yipes - A Pop-O-Matic Game
G-26633 1961Your Surprise Packagegame show

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Total number of games found: 235