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J. H. Singer (85 games) · P-848
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-21871©1891400 Game, The400tiddlywinks1 copyright
G-21845Actors, Game of
G-21846Alphabet & Spelling, The
G-21847~1890Authors, Game ofcard game, authorsrules-1
G-21848©1889Bagatelle, Improved1 copyright
G-21849~1887Base Ball, Game of
G-218501890Bopeep, The Game of
G-21851Bull, Game of
G-21852©1887Card Tenniscard gamerules-1 · 1 copyright
G-21853~1885Cards of Fatecard gamerules-1
G-24092©1884Carnival of Mocha [?]1 copyright
G-23755Cash, Honesty is the Best Policy
G-218541892Cocked Hat, Game of
G-21855Country Fish Pondfish pond
G-21856~1890Country Store, The
G-21857Crossing the Alpsrules-1
G-218581891Cuckoo, A Society Gamerules-1
G-21859Cut Up Animals
G-23756Cut Up Birds
G-21860~1910Cut Up Domestic Animals
G-21861Cut Up Fairy Tales
G-21862Cut Up Panorama
G-21863Cut Up Rink
G-218641890sDog Show, The
G-21865Donkey Party, Therules-1
G-21866~1890Dr. Busby, Game ofcard gamelink-1
G-21867~1890Drummer Boy, Game of
G-21868©1887Ducks & Drakes, Game of1 copyright
G-34723~1890Fishing: A Merry Gamefish pondlink-1
G-218691890sFive Little Pigs
G-21870Fortune, Cards ofcard game
G-21872~1890Fox & Geese, Game of
G-21873~1890Go-Bang, Game of
G-21874≤1898Golf, The Game of
G-218751890Goosey Gander, or Who Finds the Golden Egg, Game of
G-34736~1890Happy Jack & Dr. Busby; Game ofcard gamelink-1
G-21876~1895India, Game of
G-24214©1887Japanese Checkersboard1 copyright
G-21877~1890Jumping Frog, Game of
G-21878Keeping Store, Game ofrules-1
G-21879Lawn Tennisrules-1
G-21880~1890Letters, Game of
G-218811890sLittle Brown Jug
G-21883©1889Magic Portraitsrules-1
G-21884Marriage, Game of
G-21885Matrimony, or Old Maid
G-21886Menagerie, Game of
G-21887©1890Merry Christmas, Game of1 copyright
G-21888Merry Hunt, The
G-21889Messenger Boy, Game of
G-21890~1893Mystic Wanderer, The
G-21891~1890Nellie BlyOne telephone pole with wires; ship at left, train at bottomlink-1
G-218921890Old Maid, Game of
G-218931890Peter Coddles Esq. and His Trip to New YorkPeter Coddles (brown/orange coat, red pants, brown hat) standing with bag and umbrellacard gamerules-1 · link-1
G-34844~1899Peter Codle & His Trip to New YorkPeter Coddle (light blue coat, orange pants) holding pumpkin, apples in pocketcard gamelink-1
G-21894©1888Playing Cards & Game of Authorscard game, authors1 copyright
G-21897~1890Posting, A Merry Game of
G-21899©1889Redoubt, Game of1 copyright
G-21900©1884Road to Washington, The1 copyright
G-219011889Sailor Boy, Game ofrules-1
G-21902≤1891Saratoga Steeplechaseboard game, race game
G-219031890sShop Boy, The
G-21904Shovel Board, Game of
G-219051890sSnake Game, Singer's
G-21907Solitaire, with Fox and Geeserules-1
G-24216©1887Spectre1 copyright
G-21908~1890Steeple Chase
G-21909~1895Steeple Chase, Favorite
G-21910Store, Game of
G-21911~1884Table Tennisrules-1
G-24215©1889Tailor Boy, Game of1 copyright
G-21912~1890Telegraph Messenger
G-30209©1891Tiddledy Wink Quoitstiddlywinks1 copyright
G-21913Tivoli Game, Comical
G-219141890sToboggan Slide
G-21915~1890Where Do You Live
G-21916William Tell
G-21917Yacht Gamerules-1
G-219181910Yachting, Game ofrules-1

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 85