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Jaymar Specialty Co. (24 games) · P-885
AGPC #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-267731956Beetle Bailey's Hilarious New Army Game
G-84881950Blondie & Dagwood's Race to the Office
G-267741960sBullwinkle, Rocky, & His Friends Play Ice Hockey
G-304991950sDonald Duck Tiddley Winxyellow box background, "jaymar" in white inside red oval on covertiddlywinks
G-300341950sDonald Duck Tiddley Winxyellow box background, "JAYMAR" in yellow on aprontiddlywinks
G-30641Donald Duck's Tiddley Winxblack box background, "JAYMAR" in yellow, "MORE FUN GAMES FOR ALL" on covertiddlywinks
G-8490Electric Panel Quiz
G-29479~1950Electric Wise Owlquiz
G-85321940Go Crow Hunting
G-236641940sJig Saw Lotto, Walt Disney'slottorules-1
G-8575~1940sKatzenjammer Kids Hockey, Therules-1
G-267761960sKing Leonardo Bongo Race to Save the Princess
G-267771950Mickey Mouse Lottolotto
G-342431940sParty Games
G-85061939Quizzical Questions by Professor Quizrules-1
G-8550~1940s-1950sSnuffy Smith's Hootin Holler Bug Derby
G-267791958Superb Crow Shoot
G-30399Tiddley Winxtiddlywinks
G-85511950Toy Paraderules-1
G-267801950sU. S. World Map Quiz Gameelectronic
G-8552~1940What's My Name?

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 24