Publisher and Game Information

Klauber Novelty Co. (19 games) · P-951
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8808© 1931American Sweepstakes1 copyright
G-36869≤1945Bankosmaller size1 copyright
G-8809≤1945Bankolarger size1 copyright
G-8810≤1943Bridge Card Bingocard game
G-36871trademark 1929Bridge Kenolotto1 trademark
G-36879 1933Bridge Kenolotto
G-36873© 1935Bridge Keno23 (on rules)16 playing cardslotto
G-8811© 1935Bridge Keno23 (on rules)lotto
G-36878© 1933Century of Progress Game of Nationscard game1 copyright
G-8812≤1946Club Royal Keno
G-36868© 1937Contactboard game
G-8813≤1943Gin Kenolotto
G-8814≤1945Hold Your Horsesrace game
G-8815≤1948Quiz Keno
G-8831≤1947Royal Keno
G-8817© 1937ShuffletteCopyright 1937shuffleboardrules-1
G-36872© 1941ShuffletteCopyright 1941shuffleboard
G-36870© 1949Shufflette de luxeRules copyright 1949shuffleboard1 copyright
G-8804≤1943DeLuxe Spares and Strikes88bowling

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 19