Publisher and Game Information

Lakeside Industries (58 games) · P-980
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-27058 197520,000 Leagues Under the Sea
G-27029 19504+20 Blackbirds Baked in a Pie
G-27007 1970Aggravation
G-27008 1962Arena
G-27010 1965Barrel of Monkeys
G-27011 1962Bean-Bag Buccaneersimage-1
G-27012 1977Big Deal
G-27009 1964Bug House
G-27016 1982Casino Slots
G-27019 1978Challenge Perfection
G-27013 1971Chaos
G-27015 1979Computer Perfectionelectronic
G-27017 1981Contraption
G-27014 1966Crazy Maze
G-27018 1983Crossbows & Catapults
G-31579 1970Deluxe Aggravationimage-1
G-27022 1979Double Play Baseball
G-27020 1972Down the Drain
G-27023 1971Dracula
G-27021 1976Dwell
G-27027 1975Easy on the Ketchup
G-31578 1978Electronic Interceptimage-1
G-27028 1984Entertainment Tonight
G-27030 1985Flying Devils
G-27032 1965Foo Chu Fortune Telling Sticks
G-27031 1975Four Letter Wordsimage-1
G-27033 1985Foursight
G-27024 1971Frankenstein
G-27025 1971Ghost
G-27034 Giant Barrel/Monkeys
G-27035 1968Gumby & Pokey's Playful Trails
G-27036 1979Halftime Football
G-27038 1975Haunted Mansion
G-27037 1978Intercept
G-27039 1978Isolation
G-27040 1964Kismet
G-27041 1966Leap Frog
G-27042 1979Nemo
G-27044 1973Perfection
G-9462 1956Perquackey
G-27043 1962Play It Cool
G-27045 Quest
G-27046 1966Reflex
G-27049 Royle Gambit
G-27051 1985Sabotage
G-27050 1973Score Fore
G-27048 1950sShow Biz
G-31580 1965Spare-Time Bowlingimage-1
G-27053 1981Spellbound
G-27047 1971Split-Level Aggravation
G-27052 1975Superfection
G-27056 1974Tilt
G-27054 Topper
G-27055 1979Trespass
G-27057 1985Verbatim
G-27060 1967Whiplash
G-27026 1971Wolfman
G-27059 1970World Game of Ghost

Total number of publishers found: 1
Total number of games found: 58