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Leister Game Co. (37 games) · P-995
AGPI #DateTitleCat. #VariantTypeOther
G-8914~ 1945At Ease
G-8915 1945Autographs A Card Game of Famous People
G-9449© 1945Autographs A Card Game of Famous Peoplecard gamerules-1
G-36630revised 1957Baby Shower Party GamesN-1000Catalog number N-1000; photograph of baby on cover with fingers in mouth, with diagonal pink stripe behindparty game
G-36645 1969Baby Shower Party GamesN-50Catalog number N-50; gift box with Teddy bear on cover; cover background is yellowparty game
G-36643 A Barrel of FunN-30party game
G-8875revised 1957A Barrel of Fun100party game
G-36649 Bridal Shower Party GamesN-100Catalog number N-100; bride and groom looking at each other at center rightparty game
G-36647 Bridal Shower Party GamesN-80Catalog number N-80; profile view of bride in gown at left; oval at right; yellow backgroundparty game
G-36648 Bridal Shower Party GamesN-90Catalog number N-90; oval at center with groom and brideparty game
G-36633 1957Bridal Shower Party GamesN-1400Catalog number N-1400; head shot of bride with viwl and flowers atop hairparty game
G-36973 1957Bride BingoGroom and bride walking in the rain at left on cover; "BRIDE BINGO" at upper right; all in dull blue on a pale blue backgroundbingo
G-26861© 1957Bride BingoGroom and bride walking in the rain at left on cover; "BRIDE BINGO" at upper right; all in dull blue on a white backgroundbingo
G-36635© 1957Bride Bingo1027Cartoon characters at right: bald, fat minister; L'il Abner character in overalls;Daisy Mae in short shorts with veil; and man with shotgunbingo
G-26862revised 1970Bride Bingo1027Bride and groom at left on cover; "Bride Bingo" at upper right in white with black outline, all in black and white on a teal backgroundbingo
G-36650 Children's Birthday Party GamesN-110Catalog number N-110; birthday cake with 7 candles on coverparty game
G-26863 Fun Bingo
G-36656 1940sGame Kit for Men and Women in the Service
G-26864 Gamme
G-8904 Gimie
G-8902 Kiddie Kapers
G-8862 Kritter Kit
G-8863Second revised printing July 1953Luck
G-36641 Never a Dull MomentN-20Catalog number N-20; two smiling clocks partying on cover
G-8864 1946Never a Dull Moment400Catalog number 400; cartoonish man (at lower left) and woman (obscured at upper right) are holding a sign with the game's titleparty game
G-36655revised 1957Never a Dull MomentN-400Catalog number N-400; four cartoons of laughing people's heads at left; yellow-orange backgroundparty game
G-8865 Party Capers
G-36644 Party FunN-40Catalog number N-40; party revelers at bottom of cover; lower background is tealparty game
G-36657© 1946Party Fun500Catalog number 500; title in red and white on tilted black rectangle; cartoon heads above and belowparty game
G-36660revised 1957Party FunN-500Title is in green, red, and white inside a serrated white circleparty game
G-8866© 1943A Puzzle Pack
G-8867© 1945Road Block
G-26865 1970Store Bingobingo
G-26866 1957Stork Bingo1026Orange background; baby sitting on stork neckbingo
G-36638© 1957Stork Bingo1026Pinkish-white background; baby activities shown in 5 circlesbingo
G-36659© 1957Stork Bingo1026Orange/offwhite background; five babies with a letter from "BINGO" on their bonnets, all in a very wide baby carriagebingo
G-9266© 1946To the Aid of Your Party200rules-1

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Total number of games found: 37