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The AGPI Archives Game Catalog currently includes information on the following:

  • 19633 games
  • 3495 game publishers
  • 2249 game publisher addresses
  • 1632 instructions for games
  • 1155 external web links
  • 1768 images of games
  • 1800 game copyright listings
  • 116 game patent listings
  • 60 game trademark listings

The AGPI Archives Game Catalog includes game information, used with permission, from the following sources:

  • AGPI‘s original printed version of The Game Catalog:  U.S. games through 1950, 8th edition, October 1998, edited by Rick Tucker and based on major contributions by its prior editor, Anne Williams, and its original editor, Bill Alexander. The Game Catalog was developed with substantial contributions over the years by AGCA/AGPC members.
  • Bill Trent’s Big Book of Games:  Games from 1950 through 1999.
  • The Spear’s Games Archive: Games from many of their catalogues from 1893 through 1938.
  • Rick Tucker’s Tiddlywinks games and U.S. Copyright Office research on games in general.
  • Anki Toner’s Cycling Board Games.
  • Don Milne’s information on games produced by the Ed-U-Cards Company.
  • … and others!

In 2016, Sy Epstein and Charlie Gross of the AGPI published the ninth printed edition of The Game Catalog with American games before 1951, with added and revised content.