U.S. Copyrights includes information on over 1500 U.S. registered copyrights for games. The copyrights may be for the graphics on the cover of a game, rules, a game board, or other items associated with a game.

A copyright notice is provided using any of the following markings, or similar ones:

  • Copyright
  • Copr.
  • ©

The Copyright Act of 1978 removed the requirement to provide a copyright notice.

A registered copyright is one that has been submitted to a national copyright office, which retains records of the copyright and matters relating to the copyright. An unregistered copyright is one that was not submitted to a national copyright office.

For more details on copyrights, see:

U.S. Copyright Resources Online

All U.S. copyrights since 1978 can be searched online.

From 1891 to mid-1906, the U.S. Copyright Office published information about registered copyrights in the Catalogue of Title Entries, and from then for copyrights through the end of 1977, they published the Catalog of Copyright Entries. All of these volumes have been digitized and are online. These volumes can be searched or perused via the following websites:

The U.S. Copyright Office has digitized all original printed copyright cards prior to 1978, but they have not yet made them available online. The copyright card catalog filing drawers can be examined in person in Washington, D.C.

Specialized Listings of Copyrights Online