1. How can I contribute?

Contributions of new and updated information on games, photographs and images of games and game instructions, and the history and origins of games and game companies are most welcome!

Please contact us through our contact form.

Once we hear from you, we’ll send you instructions for sending us images and other information for review and potential inclusion on GameCatalog.org

2. How can I date my games?

See Dating Games.

3. How can I join the Association for Games & Puzzles International?

Hey, what a great idea! You can join (or renew) at AGPI’s main website.

4. Where did the information on games on GameCatalog.org come from?

The information available on this site has been developed over time with contributions from many individuals and under the purview of several editors, originally for print editions in the 1980s and 1990s. The information should generally be considered accurate. However, variations may be evident based on individual editorial discretion and continual progress in the research and preservation of game information. As new information is added to the underlying integrated database, double-checks are performed to revalidate or revise information previously provided. Source authorities and references for information are being added as they becomes available.

5. How can I refer others to information available on GameCatalog.org?

Each game and game publisher included in the AGPI Archives Game Catalog has a unique ID (identifier).  You will be able to refer to games and game publishers using these unique IDs, both in your own databases, as well as in web references.

GameCatalog.org aims to be an authoritative reference point for anyone interested in identifying a game.  Therefore, we provide a uniform way to cite games, whether in web links or in other written descriptions.

For a publisher: a unique publisher identification number, of the form AGPI-P-#.The associated web link reference is http://gamecatalog.org/publisher/?publisherid=#.

For an individual game: a unique game identification number, of the form AGPI-G-#. The associated web link reference is http://gamecatalog.org/game/?gameid=#.

6. Can you tell me how much my game is worth?

The AGPI does not provide services for appraising, pricing, or grading games.